Lost Legion Releases Teaser Trailer for Warhammer 40k Fan Film “The Exodite”

YouTube channel Lost Legion released a teaser trailer for their upcoming Warhammer 40k fan film “The Exodite.”

The teaser trailer begins with the camera zoomed in on a skull lying on some rocky ground.

The camera then pans out to reveal it’s not just some rocky ground, but a ruined battlefield with what looks to be some kind of tank or ground transport ablaze.

As the camera continues to pan out, a number of Eldar Striking Scorpions appear to race across the battlefield.

From there the trailer cuts to what looks like a Warlord Titan. It is attacked by a beam of light and appears to be obliterated.

The trailer then cuts again. We then get a first person view of a character charging a Space Marine. It’s unclear what Chapter the Space Marine is from.

The logo is similar to the Knights of Dorn. The Knights of Dorn logo has a black skull on a white background with a black circle around it.

While the logo is similar, the one seen on the Space Marine depicts a white skull on a black background with a white circle around it.

The Knights of Dorn armor is also radically different. It is black and white with a red-winged skull in the middle.

Take a look at the trailer for “The Exodite.”

Given the name of the teaser trailer, and the fact that the Eldar Striking Scorpions are shown, it’s more than like the Space Marines will be dealing with the Exodites.

The Exodites are a group of Aeldari who broke away from the Eldar Empire after they predicted their civilization would fall to corruption and hedonism in the form of the Chaos God Slaanesh.

Some of the earliest Exodites warned their brothers and sisters of the pleasure cults and hedonism they were descending into, but the warnings fell on deaf ears.

Instead of attempting to save their civilization, the Exodites abandoned it and exiled themselves to planets called Maiden Worlds.

On these Maiden Worlds, they restored hardship to their lives by raising crops and herding massive reptiles. They were too busy attempting to survive to fall to the old pleasures that led to Slaanesh.

YouTuber Raven Rock Entertainment gives a good breakdown of the fall of the Aeldari and the rise of the Exodites and the Eldar to give you a decent grasp of the lore that “The Exodite” might explore.

What do you make of “The Exodite?” Are you looking forward to more?

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