Artist Phreckles Art recently shared her pinup of Fire Emblem: Three Houses Summer Byleth.

For those unfamiliar with Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Byleth is the player character that can be either male of female. The name is customizable as well, but the default is Byleth.

The character is the child of Jeralt, a legendary warrior who once fought for the Knights of Seiros. Jeralt would eventually leave the Knights of Seiros and flee with Byleth from Garreg Mach, where he was stationed.

He would eventually take charge of a mercenary company and trained Byleth in the ways of a warrior, where Byleth earned the title Ashen Demon.

The two eventually made their way back to the outskirts of Garreg Mach, where they rescue the three house leaders of Garreg Mach’s Officer’s Academy.

After rescuing these officers, Jeralt and Byleth accompany the students and the Knights of Seiros back to Garreg Mach, where Byleth is made a teacher for the Officer’s Academy and eventually chooses one of the three houses to teach.

From there, Byleth leads their house as they discover the mysteries of Fodlan and maybe more importantly the mystery of their birth and origin.

Female Byleth is typically shown in her war gear wielding the Sword of the Creator.

In Fire Emblem Heroes, female Byleth also appears in a swimsuit alongside Rhea, the archbishop of the Church of Seiros in Fell Star’s Duo Byleth or Summer Byleth.

Recently, Phreckles Art shared her Summer Byleth showcasing Byleth in her Fell Star’s Duo costume.

Here’s a better look.

This isn’t the only piece of female Byleth artwork that Phreckles Art has done.

Phreckles Art also recently shared a number of other female Byleth.

Back in February, Phreckles Art shared a Dancer Byleth.

Here’s a better look.

In April, they shared a Byleth wearing Tifa’s dress from Final Fantasy VII.

Here’s a better look.

Phrekles Art would share a more traditional Byleth in May.

Here’s a better look.

In June, Phreckles Art shared a female Byleth wearing Schwarz’s Arknights outfit.

Here’s a better look.

What do you make of Phreckles Art’s Summer Byleth pinup? Which female Byleth pinup is your favorite?