The Fate series’ first foray into the RPG genre, Fate/EXTRA, will be receiving an upgraded remake for current generation platforms titled Fate/Extra RECORD.

Produced in celebration of the game’s 10th anniversary, Fate/EXTRA Record promises to be more than just a standard remake.

Aside from the obvious graphical improvements, seen most notably in the presentation of Shirou Emiya’s ‘Unlimited Blade Works’ attack, Fate/EXTRA Record promises to be more than just a standard remake.

In a recent livestream, Type-Moon Studio director Kazyua Niinou presented a nine-minute gameplay trailer, showcasing an abundance of new features being added to the game and discussing further plans for FATE-related video games.

According to translations provided by Gematsu development on the game began six months prior to the demo.

The game will see the return of visual novel elements that will allow players to converse with most characters.

Additionally, Saber will take point when exploring dungeons and there will be new monsters added to the game’s bestiary.

Fate/EXTRA Record will also feature full voice-acting for both male and female versions of the protagonist Hakuno Kishinami, with an option to disable the voice-acting if desired.

Not only will they have full voice-acting for the protagonist, but they are also reportedly considering a full voice-over for the game’s mob master, but are “not sure yet” whether this will be included.

He notes that all scenes seen in the original game will be included in RECORD.

But maybe the biggest change is that the game’s battle system has been “completely redone.” The original featured a simple “rock-paper-scissors” system, Record will feature a ‘”deck build-style system in which commands flow in randomly each turn.”

As for what will not be in the game, Niinou detailed that Fate/EXTELLA Link’s Charlemagne will not be showing up as he is not directly relevant to the plot of EXTRA.

He did detail that he left Square Enix in order to remake Fate/Extra and another large unnamed title. However, in order to work on this other title Fate/Extra RECORD needs to sell well.

As of writing, no official release date or list of intended platforms has been announced.

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