New Rumor Provides Details On Captain Marvel 2 Villains And Spider-Man’s Role In The Film!

A new rumor sheds some light on who Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel will face off against in Captain Marvel 2 as well as Spider-Man’s role in the film.

The rumor comes from scooper Mikey Sutton and his Geekosity Facebook group and was first featured on The Cosmic Wonder YouTube Channel.

Sutton writes, “It’s no coincidence that the Skrulls appeared in both the Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home films. According to my sources, all three are set to form Captain Marvel 2.”

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He then details, “It was on September 2019 that I scooped on Lords of the Longbox that Captain Marvel 2 would feature Veranke as the main villain in a loose adaptation of Secret Invasion.”

In that scoop, Sutton claimed that “Veranke will not be utilizing [Spider-Woman’s] ID.” Comics fans know that Veranke took on Spider-Woman’s identity during Secret Invasion.

Instead Sutton speculated that Veranke would take on the role of Captain Marvel, “It’s quite possible that she could pose as Carol Danvers herself or another female superhero. Development is still early.”

In the most recent scoop Sutton continued, “The plans for Captain Marvel 2 are evolving with Secret Invasion remaining its nucleus. After the roots of Secret Invasion are planted on Disney+, Captain Marvel will be battling more than just one Skrull in her sequel.”

Sutton then reveals that Carol Danvers won’t just be taking on Veranke, but she’ll also face off against the Super-Skrull, but not the one you might recognize from the comics who takes on the powers of the Fantastic Four. This Super Skrull will allegedly have the powers of Spider-Man.

Sutton explains, “In fact, more than a Skrull but a Super-Skrull. It was revealed to me that this won’t be the Super-Skrull with the Fantastic Four’s powers; rather, it’s a Super-Skrull with Spider-Man’s abilities.”

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“And thus Marvel Studios will pay homage to Marvel Team-Up No. 62 wherein Carol Danvers (then Ms. Marvel) and Spider-Man collaborated to fight the Super-Skrull,” Sutton elaborated.

Sutton then referenced his previous scoop in September that mentioned Nova arriving in Captain Marvel 2. In that scoop there weren’t many details on what Nova’s role might be in the film, well Sutton had a little bit more information this time around.

He speculated, “I also leaked on September 2019 that Marvel Studios wanted Nova to debut in Captain Marvel 2; this could either be a brief introductory appearance or, if the Super-Skrull has taken Spider-Man’s powers, provide a much-needed power boost.”

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Sutton also teased that the X-Men member known as Rogue could also appear in the film, “As for Rogue, talk has been to have her cameo as a villain at the end, setting up the third movie with Ms. Marvel appearing as well. The future of the MCU is written in the stars.”

What do you make of this latest rumor concerning Captain Marvel? Are you interested in seeing a Super-Skrull with Spider-Man abilities?

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