The Star Trek franchise has allegedly been subject to ‘internal chaos’ as new alleged leaks detail a number of proposed series that were cancelled by CBS before production.

First published to 4chan on August 2nd, this latest set of leaks explain that shows such as Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Lower Decks “are not the only ones CBS were working on,” with the leaker noting that “some are even worse than what actually got announced.”

Simon Pegg Star Trek

The first production mentioned is Star Trek: Revolution, which was “pitched as Star Trek’s take on the superhero genre.” It would have followed “a Starfleet officer who is infused with a symbiotic being, and gains powers like the ability to survive in space.”

Former Batwoman-star Ruby Rose was said to have been the “frontrunner” to play the series lead role, whose story was described as “[being] LGBT and would lead a crew of misfits in exposing a conspiracy in the Federation.”

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Production on Star Trek: Revolution had progressed passed the conceptual stage, as the leaker noted that not only would “The Q [have] been involved [and] De Lancie was approached,” but that “this concept was alive and being developed as late as June of this year.”

Ruby Rose and Trek

The leaker continues with another shelved project, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, which “was alive in 2018” and was “being developed as the academy days of Young Kirk, with new actors.”

According to the leaker, “this is also where the recent rumours about Kirk being bisexual are likely coming from” as Kirk “was definitively so in this pitch.”

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Next, they addressed “The Star Trek Destiny rumors, that came out after its trademark got leaked,” and recognized that though many believed “that it was a Picard show…That’s not true”.

The leaker claims that the concept was reused for the third season of Star Trek: Discovery and explains that “this was the storyline that became STD S3. It was set in 3293, and was centered around a diverse cast who were fighting against an evil version of the Federation. Some of the characters, like Book, in STD S3 were adapted and reused.”

Michelle Yeoh Trek Section 31

The leaker also reveals that “the Section 31 show was just an excuse for a present-day Trek show,” and revealed that “Yeoh would have come back in time to the present-day to stop Khan from rising to power.”

Perhaps the most bombshell piece of information included in the leaks is the news that the previously announced ‘Section 31’ spin-off was “dead.”

This alleged leak completely contradicts rumors from earlier this year that claimed the series would begin filming in May.

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The final part of the leak concerns the feelings of legacy actors towards modern Star Trek productions.

It seems as though, despite the appearance that some Star Trek alumni are excited to be involved with new Trek, many had a different take and instead favored a competitor, with the leaker stating that  “Kurtzman and CBS executives had to stop approaching legacy actors from old Trek shows, because so many of them were ignoring their offers and signed up for the Orville instead.”

You can see a screenshot of the full alleged leaks below.

4chan star trek leak

YouTuber MechaRandom reacted to the leaks believing that many of them are bait saying, “Because there are just so many implausible ones.”

What do you make of these leaks? Do they seem even remotely plausible? Let me know your thoughts below!

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