Dr Disrespect has finally made his triumphant return, having streamed to over 510,000 viewers on YouTube for the first time since his controversial ban from Twitch.

While Doc’s full stream delivered his trademark blend of entertainment and gameplay in the way that only he can, he began his comeback by addressing the subject of his Twitch ban and stating that he and his team “still have no idea” what led to the ban.

“A lot of people want to know what happened. Guess what? I want you to look into my f***ing eyes when I say this. We still have no idea,” he said.

He would then relate his understanding of the situation, saying “As far as I’m concerned, we didn’t do anything to warrant a ban. Let alone how the way they went about banning us.”

He then noted that there was “no communication before, no reaching out, nothing. Boom. Done.”

Doc would also criticize the rampant speculation around the reasons for his ban being engaged with by both fans and media alike, saying “The problem is there are those anxious for an answer so what that does, it creates a level of urgency and speculation. And I think it’s a f**king cockroach approach – period.”

Dr. Disrespect Returns, Puts Up Insane Viewer Numbers With First Two YouTube Streams

The popular streamer would wrap up his thoughts on the matter by urging everyone to just let the legal professionals sort it out, as “there’s big money involved.”

He elaborated, “The last thing I’m gonna say about it, and I have to be intelligent about all this because you are talking about a heavy contract… Lots of money. There’s big money involved, so let the legal professionals do what they need to do. That’s it.”

For the rest of his stream, Doc would proceed to play some Call of Duty: Warzone, check out a few new trailers, and banter with his fast moving chat.

Dr. Disrespect Returns, Puts Up Insane Viewer Numbers With First Two YouTube Streams

The popular streamer is on fire since his return, as statistics and estimates provided by SocialBlade predict the Doctor will quickly hit 2.43 million subs, especially after having gained 230,000 new subscribers on Friday alone.

A second YouTube stream hosted the following day amassed 150k viewers at its peak and held a constant viewer count of 100k for its duration.

It also appears that all of Doc’s major sponsors have stuck around while a new partnership with the 3rd person shooter Rogue Company was just announced, with the Rogue Company devs appearing on Doc’s second stream to challenge him to create a new map for the game in under 24 hours.

Will Dr Disrespect be a transformative presence for the YouTube platform? Only time will tell,  but the early returns say yes.

YouTube definitely has the infrastructure and longevity to move in a more stream heavy direction, and it’s possible Doc’s presence will start the push to make YouTube a prime streaming content haven, pushing recorded video content as its secondary offering.

YouTuber Upper Echelon Gamers explores this possibility in his latest video:

One thing that isn’t up for debate is that the future is exciting for fans of Dr Disrespect. He’s back, and firing on all cylinders, and that’s great news for YouTube, streamers, viewers, and entertainment in general.