Artist Zarory Shares Seductive Battle Pinup Of My Hero Academia’s Momo Yaoyorozu

Artist Zarory aka Casper Hansen of Denmark has shared a number of My Hero Academia pinups to their Deviant Art page including Class 1-A’s Momo Yaoyorozu.

Momo Yaoyorozu is the Vice President of Class 1-A at U.A. High School after she was accepted into the school through official recommendations.

She would show off why she was recommended for UA by placing in first in the Quirk Apprehension Test.

Her Quirk is called Creation. It allows her to “create anything as long as its nonliving!!”

However in order to create it she needs to “understand the object’s chemical makeup first. Knowledge is her power!”

Her Quirk works by transforming the molecular structure of her fat cells. Thus in order for her to power the Quirk she needs to eat quite a bit. The more she eats, the more material she has to work with.

It also takes her a longer time to create larger objects as she points out when she creates a cannon during the Joint Training Battle arc.

My Hero Academia mangaka Kohei Horikoshi also revealed that her birthday is September 23rd. She’s 173 cm tall. That’s about 5’6″. Her favorite thing is reading especially illustrated encycolpedias.

He also explained that when he first introduced her superpower he made a mistake noting that he detailed that her power did not allow her to produce organic matter. He corrected this stating, “It should have been ‘living things.'”

He explained, “If she couldn’t produce organic matter, the the insulator sheet and clothing would be impossible.” He then detailed, “If she knows the chemical makeup, she can produce any nonliving thing.”

Horikoshi would also provide details on his initial ideas behind Momo’s quirk. He explained, “Just like with Ida, I originally thought to give her Quirk to a pro hero, but I made the change when I realized that such an almighty ability would be much more interesting in the hands of someone less experienced.”

While Momo has a powerful Quirk that allows her to easily adapt to a variety of situations, her Quirk also requires her to have the knowledge to be adaptable. Remember she needs to know the chemical makeup of the objects she creates in order to create them.

Not only is she knowledge, but she’s also extremely intelligent able to outwit Eraser Head during the Final Exams using his injury to blindside him and achieve victory for her and Todoroki.

She also shows off her battle acumen during the Joint Training Battle when she supplies her teammates with much needed to supplies to the counter her opponents of Class 1-B. However, it wasn’t enough to defeat them as they ended up losing.

Nevertheless, Midnight says Momo will make a great leader in the future.

As for her appearance, Yaoyorozu’s hero costume is a high-collared, sleeveless crimson leotard that exposes her midriff and shows a healthy amount of cleavage. Around her waist she wears two gold utility belts. She also has a utility belt that runs across her chest, just below her shoulders that connects the top portion of the leotard.

She also wears calf-high crimson boots as you can see on the cover to My Hero Academia Vol. 8 below.

It is Yaoyorozu’s hero costume that Zarory uses in their seductive battle pinup that they shared to Deviant Art.

Zarory wrote, “My take on Momo from My Hero Academia ✨ She’s definitely one of my favorite characters, and I can’t wait to see more of her in the next season.”

Yaoyorozu is not the only My Hero Academia character that Zarory has featured.

Zarory also did a pinup of Midnight back in October 2019.

Zarory captioned the pinup, “Midnight from My Hero Academia ✨❤️ I’m really liking the new season, so I thought it would cool to do another character from the anime. Her pine-tree-hair was really interesting to work on 🌲 Hope you like it and have a great Halloween everyone! 🎃”

Zarory would also share a pinup of Uraraka noting they tweaked her design a little bit. Zarory wrote, “My take on an older version of Uraraka from My Hero Academia <3 Tweaked her design to a little more tech-like feel. Hope you like it!”

The female heroes of My Hero Academia weren’t the only ones to get love from Zarory. They also shared pinups of Todoroki and Bakugo.

For Todoroki they wrote, “This is my take on an older version of him ^^ I just recently started watching My Hero Academia, and Todoroki is definitely my favorite!!! Who’s your favorite from the show??”

Bakugo got double treatment. Zarory captioned the first one writing, “My take on an older version of Bakugou ^^ He’s such an interesting and cool character, so I’m really happy I finally got a chance to paint him. ❤ If you have any suggestions on which BNHA character I should paint in the future, please let me know in comments ❤”

Zarory then shared a pinup titled “Fantasy Bakugou.”

They wrote, “I really dig the fantasy AU theme, and especially Bakugou’s design is just the best! I really wanted to paint the dragon in the background, but was a little too pressed for time. Maybe next time :)

You can follow Zarory on Patreon where they have multiple membership levels for backers to choose from.

What do you make of Zarory’s Momo Yaoyorozu pinup? Which pinup is your favorite?

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