Disney’s Industrial Light & Might recently announced they participated in a Diversity + Inclusion Summit hosted by the Association for Computing Machinery.

As first reported by Disney Star Wars Is Dumb, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), which is helmed by Lynwen Branwen and the visual effects studio part of Lucasfilm, confirmed their participation in the summit sharing their day two schedule to Instagram.

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ILM wrote, “We are excited to participate in this critical summit which is free to all who would like to attend.”

As you can see in the post, the summit features a number of topics through out the day including segments titled “Unconscious Bias & Inclusion,” “Exploring Empathy & Creativity to tell Inclusive Stories,” and “Inclusion at Industrial Light & Magic.”

They would also link to the full Diversity & Inclusion Summit that lasts over five hours.

ILM’s participation in this Diversity & Inclusion Summit comes just days before a new rumor detailed that Disney’s top priority had changed to removing SJWs from the company.

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That rumor came from YouTuber Doomcock, who claimed, “According to a source who has been reliable in the past, the shit is about to hit the fan at Disney. I am being told that getting the SJWs out of Disney is priority one.”

He would go on to detail that his source told him, “The proclamation is about to be sent out from on high to every corner of the enchanted kingdom. Disney is a for-profit business moving forward. And from here on out the customer comes first. The woke part is over because the mouse has awakened with a terrible hangover and its a new day at Disney.”

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Doomcock’s source tells him that this policy change is being implemented because “the economic realities of 2020 coupled with the decline in returns of properties like Star Wars have combined to sober executives up. They realize that fans have been driven away from their precious franchises in droves by identity politics.”

While Doomcock reported what his source relayed to him he was somewhat skeptical of the information saying, “On the one hand it seems too good to be true and when that happens I tend to discount the information being something of a cynic. That said I’ve been hearing this for weeks now and as I review the logic of it, it makes sense in the context of 2020.”

He would add, “All I can say is this. I think the law of averages supports this possibility. 2020 has been the year from hell and we are all about ready for some goods news.”

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On Twitter, he would state that he believes “Disney remains committed to woke principles, but if this rumor is true they are no longer going to prioritize agenda over profit, and are not going to allow employees to attack and insult fans. I think that’s the takeaway. But only time will tell if this if true.”

He would later add,” I suspect if this rumor is true they will only sanction employees that fail to get onboard, not just go through and fire people, but again I only know what I’ve been told by my source.”

What do you make of Disney and Lucasfilm’s ILM participating in a Diversity & Inclusion Summit?