Report: Texas Chainsaw Massacre Sequel In Chaos As Directors Andy & Ryan Tohill Leave Production, All Filmed Footage Scrapped

This week has been a real blood bath for the upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel, as a new report confirms that the film has lost both of its directors and will be re-shot from scratch.

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Deadline reports that the Tohill brothers exited the project just days after filming began in Bulgaria due to “creative differences.”

They also note that Legendary, the production company financing the film, was unhappy with the material produced thus far.

However, the studio is not ready to give up on the story of the iconic horror villain, as director David Blue Garcia (Tejano, Bloodfest) has already been tapped to replace the Tohill brothers on the project.

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As Legendary was reportedly unhappy with the Tohill brother’s work, Garcia will be re-shooting the entire film from scratch and avoid the use of any previously filmed material.

Garcia’s last two films, Tejano and Blood Fest, followed a desperate man who must smuggle cocaine over the Mexican border and the attendees of a terrifying festival dedicated to iconic horror movies, respectively.

Aside from his feature films, Garcia has also served as a director on television commercials for companies such as Verizon and T-Mobile.

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The upcoming film is set to be a sequel to the original Tobe Hooper directed film. It is expected to pick right up where the 1974 classic left off and bring “Leatherface back to terrifying life for a new generation.”

With this quick swap between directors and the scrapping of the first week of filming it seems that Texas Chainsaw Massacre is really trying to live up to its bloody name.

What do you think of this major shakeup? What do you expect to see with Leatherface as he meets a new generation of people?

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