An apparent trailer has leaked online for the upcoming film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s classic novel, Dune.

The leak is thanks to Reddit user u/chariot-of-pumpkins, who shared the trailer on the massive platform. From what we can tell, it looks like we have a leaked trailer for the highly anticipated film

Take a look at the trailer for yourself: 


With a few months, until the film hits theaters, a number of fans of the Frank Herbert books and the 80’s film have been pondering about any trailers that might be in the works. If this trailer is indeed the real deal, it goes us some interesting things to take a look at. 

Here’s a beat by beat break down of the leak.

Unknown Origins

As far back as I can trace the trailer, Reddit users claim it originated on 4chan sometime last week. YouTube user Toh76 early last week put up images from the leaked teaser trailer on his channel, highlighting what Zendaya would look like as Chani in her stillsuit as well as Dave Bautista as Rabban Harkonnen.

The trailer starts off with Timothée Chalamet, as Paul Atreides, told by the Reverend Mother that removing his hand from the box would mean his death. And a needle is put near his neck to reinforce that fact. When Atreides asks what is inside the box, she simply answers “pain.”

Cut to some flashes of the House Leto arriving on a very bug-like ship in their military attire. There’s also a shot of Zendaya in her stillsuit. And Dave Bautista is on screen in his Harkonnen gear. Then we get a man coming up from some dark and slimy substance, and what looks to be several factions wearing different attire rallying up and walking down long and dusty halls.

Most of the trailer here is to highlight the amount of talent they have gathered for such a film.

Much like Lord of the Rings did for their trilogy of movies, the casting lineup is of A-Listers. And the final card at the end of the video shows just as much. But what they look like as the characters, and the tone and design of the world is what Villeneuve wants to convey to audiences.

Officially Released Photos

This morning, Empire released photos of some of what we might expect from the upcoming Dune film.

In it, we see Chalamet and Zendaya sporting stillsuits. However, in this image, we see Zendaya has deep blue eyes. We also see Oscar Isaac as Duke Leto as well as Josh Brolin who plays Gurney Halleck. There’s also a shot of Jason Momoa playing Duncan Idaho, in full battle armor and twin blades. And he’s not sporting his iconic beard.

The existence of this potato-cam quality trailer can only mean that a finished, and polished quality trailer is out there somewhere. And that we could officially be seeing this version pretty soon. Ideally, before the movie is planned to come out.

Hopefully goes well with current restrictions on theaters being lifted and the general flow of the movie-going experience getting back to normal. If it does, we will see this movie released in theaters on its originally planned date of December 18th of this year.