RWBY fans have begun to voice their discontent with Rooster Teeth’s practice of charging high prices for low quality show merchandise.

On September 5th, streamer and RWBY fan Calxiyn took to her personal Twitter page to discuss her frustration with a particular RWBY-themed jacket produced by Rooster Teeth.

“Full offense but RT is running a whole ass scam at the moment,” Calxiyn stated. “The audacity to charge $136 CA (~$103 USD) when the art is recycled from Amity Arena, not even original.”

“No wonder it doesn’t even blend well with the f—ing jean, it wasn’t even made for this jacket!” she exclaimed.

Calxiyn explained that her frustration came from the representation of the jacket as a ‘custom’ item despite its use of artwork previously featured in the RWBY mobile game, RWBY: Amity Arena.

“The description is written as if it’s *original* RT merch, “ explained Calxiyn. “People are willing to pay more for original art. I think it’s self explanatory as to why.”

“If people knew it was “recycled” art they may not be as willing to pay. But the information is conveniently left out.”

These criticisms were soon echoed by other RWBY fans who were similarly baffled at the item’s price and upset that Rooster Teeth would give so little attention to the quality of their products.

“Oof. Bad disconnect between quality of the merch and the price,” said @ThatKaitoDan. “Decent shouldn’t cost more then [sic] a triple A game.”

User @Aquil_Hudson99 asserted that “It should have been a poster or a print at least not something I can screen print on any cheaper denim jacket like wtf”.

@MudstarAwesome found that they were “so tired of RT slapping old art on their merch” and felt that the jacket “seems like a shirt that should have been out when that AA update came out!”

“Imagine being this f—ing lazy with a design and asking for that much,” proposed @HuntSD1. “This is actually not even funny anymore.”

Calxiyn would later clarify that “the art is very pretty” and that “there is no offense meant to the artist, as it is not the fault of the art whatsoever.”

“It’s whoever took the art and just slapped it on the jacket,” she concluded.

The situation was covered by anime YouTuber Hero Hei, who agreed with Calxiyn and found that the jacket’s design left him confused as to what the Rooster Teeth team “were thinking on that.”

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