UFC Heavyweight Champion, UFC Hall of Famer, and Here Comes The Boom actor Bas Rutten recently claimed that Catholics are discriminated against in Hollywood.

Speaking with news outlet Church Militant, Rutten stated, “Nobody is innocent until proven guilty anymore. Everything is right away if they point the finger they decide you are wrong then you are wrong.”

He continued, “So, that’s a hard way to live with it. And I thankfully, I don’t have too many movies that I experienced things like that.”

Rutten would then detail he has heard from others that Hollywood discriminates against Catholics. He explained, “But I hear from many other actors who are Catholic, yeah there’s…they have people work against them to work in the industry.”

“Which it just blows my mind, simply because that means that well that’s got to be the opposite then on the other side, right? If they really want to stop you just because you are Catholic that’s a scary thing because that means the devil at work,” he explained.

The Eliminator

Later in the video, Rutten would discuss HBO Max’s Unpregnant film.

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Rutten stated, “If people don’t know that they are being brainwashed by movies like that. That movie didn’t come to make money. That movie is made to make kids think certain things.”

“My daughter had a girl in her class, 17-years-old, who went to Planned Parenthood. $500. Boyfriend paid. Boom. Abortion… I told my daughter if I find out if you are pregnant and you do this, I said, ‘You are going to have a big problem with me,'” he continued.

Rutten added, “And everybody goes, ‘Yea, but what about rape and incest?’ I go, ‘You are talking about the less than one and a half percent combined together. So the rest 98.5% is just out of inconvenience? You know then just kill it?”

Bas Rutten

Rutten does admit when he was young he had similar thoughts. He explained, “I mean, and again you know, in the early days when I was young I was thinking the same thing, ‘Oh yea we can do it.’ But once you really start thinking about life it’s a whole different ball game.”

“Boom. As soon as conception, that’s when you are pregnant. And then waiting, if you hear these things from Planned Parenthood, waiting until nine months because they sell the parts of the babies. It looks like almost out of a horror movie for me. I don’t believe people can actually make this look good. It’s amazing that even people try,” Rutten stated.

Bas Rutten

The UFC Hall of Famer then stated, “There’s a highway to hell, and like a stairway to heaven. It really looks like that. Anticipated the traffic, I guess. I think it really looks like a lot of people are going the wrong way right now.”

Rutten would conclude the video discussing his Catholic faith, “The more you learn about the Faith, the more you are going to be interested. It really is like that. Every verse, there’s such a deep meaning behind it. You can pick it up in so many different ways.”

He then asked, “Don’t you want to be that person, you know, who can overcome his fears, his insecurities, a real man who is not a slave to his passions and desires, but who is in control of himself? Don’t you want to be a guy like that?

What do you make of Rutten’s claims that Catholics are discriminated against Hollywood? What about his claim that Unpregnant is a film meant to brainwash kids?