Hellboy and Pacific Rim actor Ron Perlman targeted President Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and Lindsey Graham describing all three of the Republican politicians as “low-life motherf***ers.”

Perlman’s comments came on Twitter, where he wrote, “Listen up, McConnell, Graham, Trump, and all the rest of you low-life motherf***ers… we’re gonna put 17 justices on the Supreme Court if we have to.”

He added, “We’re gonna stomp out the memory of you like the cockroaches you are. Believe it. B******.”

Just a couple of days before this tweet, Perlman would refer to President Donald Trump as a “f***ing clown.”

He wrote, “Hey Donnie, you know you’re a clown right? You’re just a f***ing clown! The problem is hundreds of thousands of people are dead because of you. So f*** you for all time!”

In fact, Perlman has repeatedly gone after President Donald Trump in profanity-laden tweets.

In the middle of October, he claimed that Donald Trump would leave the United States of America “locked up in a jail cell.”

A couple of days after that one Perlman would refer to President Trump as a “snake oil salesman.”

Perlman tweeted, “Our sons and daughters didn’t bleed and die on lonely beaches and jungles just to have some snake oil salesman hand our democracy over to some Russian thug. If you have a shred of patriotism you will send this motherf***er packing on November 3.”

While Perlman can claim that President Donald Trump has handed over the United States of America, which is a republic, over to Russia, the Mueller Report found the opposite.

NPR states it pretty clearly, “The Mueller Report did not find any evidence of collusion.”

Even The New York Times reported, “The investigation led by Robert S. Mueller III found no evidence that President Trump or any of his aides coordinated with the Russian government’s 2016 election interference.”

They would add, “Mr. Mueller, who spent nearly two years investigating Moscow’s determined effort to sabotage the last presidential election, found no conspiracy ‘despite multiple offers from Russian-affiliated individuals to assist the Trump campaign,’ Mr. Barr wrote in a letter to lawmakers.”

Ron Perlman

Despite the evidence to the contrary regarding his Russian claims, Perlman would continue to attack President Trump.

He tweeted, “When Trump ripped little kids from the arms of their moms and dads at the border he neglected to keep track of who belonged to whom, making it nearly impossible for them to be reunited.”

“This cannot happen in my America, yet it f***ing did. Vote this motherf***er out Nov 3.”

Like Perlman’s comments about Russia, his anger towards President Trump regarding family separation is misplaced as well.

As The Washington Examiner reports the policy of separating families at the border was a policy called the Flores Settlement Agreement that was put in place before President Donald Trump.

The Washington Examiner explains, “The Flores agreement, created by federal courts in 1997, prohibits Customs and Border Protection from holding children in detention for more than 20 days. But with our current flood of asylum-seekers, the backlog in immigration courts is much longer than 20 days. That leaves us with two options: Either remove the children from CBP facilities while we hold the parents there (family separation) or just let the entire family go and hope they show up for the hearing months down the line (catch and release).”

Ron Perlman

The Trump administration attempted to end the Flores agreement as then Acting Secretary of the Department Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan made clear in a series of tweets.

He wrote, “Today, The Department of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services have issued the “Flores Final Rule”, which allows DHS to keep families together during fair and expeditious immigration proceedings, and eliminated a key incentive that encourages traffickers to exploit children.”

McAleenan added, “Keeping families together during immigration proceedings, & ensuring that asylum seekers w/ meritorious claims get resolution, are important steps to enhance the integrity of the system & extend protections to those that need them.”

However, this proposed rule change was rejected by Central District of California Judge Dolly Gee, a Barack Obama appointee, with Gee claiming, “This regulation is inconsistent with one of the primary goals of the Flores Agreement, which is to instate a general policy favoring release and expeditiously place minors ‘in the least restrictive setting appropriate to the minor’s age and special needs.'”

While Gee rejected the proposed rule change, it is still being debated in court.

Ron Perlman

Current Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf did recently state in remarks given at the end of October that “this Administration has also closed legal loopholes in the flawed Flores settlement, named after a long-running federal case and its sequels. ”

Wolf added, “The Department’s regulation on this issue creates a national standard of care for alien children in DHS custody that prior administrations had simply failed to address—much less remedy.  Notably, this new regulation gives ICE the ability to maintain family unity by holding families with children in licensed facilities or facilities that meet ICE’s family residential standards, instead of being released into the United States.”

Ron Perlman

So, Perlman can blame President Trump for this all he wants, the reality is the Flores Agreement was put in place in 1997 when Bill Clinton was President of the United States and Janet Reno was Attorney General.

What do you make of Ron Perlman’s comments regarding President Donald Trump and other Republican politicians?