As if the inclusion of former Batman actors Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton in the upcoming The Flash film wasn’t enough fanservice, a new rumor indicates iconic DC actor Lynda Carter is in talks to return to her role as Wonder Woman for the Ezra Miller-led, multiverse hopping feature.

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According to The Vulcan Reporter‘s Emre Kaya, “Lynda Carter is in talks to reprise her role as Wonder Woman in the upcoming The Flash,” a role which she has not played since the conclusion of the Wonder Woman television series in 1979.

Though Kaya adds that “it is currently unclear if Carter’s character will be from a different universe or from a different timeline,” they do note that “Carter’s Wonder Woman being from a different universe seems likely given the inclusion of Michael Keaton’s Batman, who is from Tim Burton’s two-film universe,” especially in light of the film’s Flashpoint-inspired premise.

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Barring the possibility that Carter could portray a new version of Wonder Woman or a new character all together, it’s hard to imagine that her potential casting could be for any role other than that of Diana Prince from the timeline of the 1970s TV series.

While the possibilities for Carter’s Wonder Woman in the DCEU are endless, with a vast multitude of directions in which the script could explore the implications of her cross-dimensional existence, Geekosity’s Mikey Sutton is reporting that the Hollywood star’s appearance may end up being nothing more than a quick cameo.

Wonder Woman

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Carter played Diana Prince in 59 episodes of Wonder Woman from 1975-79, with the show both being renamed to The New Adventures of Wonder Woman and having its setting moved from the 1940s to the then-contemporary 1970s for its second and third seasons.

She would move onto a multifaceted career, including a starring role on the short-lived period drama Hawkeye and a consistent role as a voice actor for The Elder Scrolls video game series, but would periodocally return to the DC, playing Chloe Sullivan’s institutionalized mother on an episode of Smallville and, more recently, portraying President Olivia Marsdin, a secret alien serving in the White House, on Supergirl.

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Gal Gadot is also rumored to make a cameo in The Flash, which not only makes sense given the two superheroes’ membership in the Justice League, but would also treat fans to the sight of the two most iconic Wonder Women on screen in the same movie. However, there has been little in the way of updates on that front, and it remains unknown if Miller’s Justice League teammate will actually appear in his solo outing.

As for other guest appearances, Michael Keaton is currently in negotiations to appear in, and practically a lock for, The Flash in a reprisal of his role as Tim Burton’s Batman. Billy Crudup and Ray Fisher are also expected to once again appear as Barry Allen’s father, Dr. Henry Allen, and Cyborg, respectively.

Principal photography is set to begin in March for a November 2022 release, but if this past year has taught the world anything, it’s that movie plans are always subject to change.

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