Doctor Who Scriptwriter Vinay Patel Tells Fan To “Get The F*** Out”

Doctor Who scriptwriter Vinay Patel recently told a fan to “get the f*** out” after they asked a question on whether Doctor Who will continue the story of Jo Martin’s Doctor.

First reported by YouTuber Tzvi Lebetkin, Patel specifically took issue with a meme created by Twitter user John the White that removes the Doctors introduced to the series by showrunner Chris Chibnall.

Vinay’s comments specifically came in response to a question from John The White who asked, “I have a question: we all know showrunners fib to keep things secret. But would you agree with me it would be dispresectful, both to Jo Martin’s character and to Jo as an actor not to continue her story in S13?”

Included as part of his question, he shared a quote from showrunner Chris Chibnall, who detailed that he wasn’t sure if Martin’s Doctor will return in the future. Chibnall told Radio Times, “I don’t know, is the honest answer.” He added, “It hasn’t happened yet.”

In response to this tweet, Vinay told John The White to “GTFO.”

He wrote, “Hi John! Consider you literally cut her out of a celebratory picture, I don’t think you get to talk about what’s disrespectful to Jo.”

Patel then added, “So take her name out of your mouth and GTFO. Tah x.”

Patel is specifically referring to a meme that John The White has been using that has removed both the Doctors created by showrunner Chris Chibnall. The meme was based off an image that the official Doctor Who Twitter account shared by artist Ginoodle back on November 23rd for Doctor Who Day.

You can see the original artwork below.

And here is the meme that John The White has been using on Twitter that has both Jo Martin’s Doctor and Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor removed from the original artwork. Not only are Whittaker and Martin’s Doctors removed, but it also now reads, “No Chibnall required!”

John The White would also respond to Patel telling him to “GTFO” on the YouTuber Tzvi Lebetkin’s video.

He would write, “Thanks for featuring his second exchange with Vinay Patel on your channel Tzvi, people can see it for themselves here:

“I think it does summarise the whole problem for fans these days, the only acceptable attitude is unquestioning submission, I actually reached out to Vinay as an Olive branch because I do think bringing in a new historic person of colour Doctor and then leaving them hanging in the air without a proper storyline is the worst kind of tokenism the show could fall into, a show that afterall is produced by a middle aged White man, and I am reminded of Lenny Henry slamming the attitudes he encountered inside the Cardiff production,” John The White continued.

He went on to write, “But Vinay can’t get past that decades long fans arent accepting Chibnall’s era as a success and have head cannoned the show ending with Capaldi, and conflates criticism of Chibnall with either sexism or racism simply because Chibnall has cast two women and one of them’s not white. Perhaps we should be accused of islamophobia as well given Yaz’s families religion? How many minorities does Chibnall want to hide behind rather than honestly face the fandom? Why didnt he give the assurance the Ruth Doctor’s story would continue when Radio Times asked him the direct question?”

John The White then questioned, “Meanwhile in two articles today, Radio Times has once again pushed the “Thasmin” lesbian relationship between Yaz and the Doctor, and furthermore revealed the reason Captain Jack has been brought back is as a catalyst so Yaz can admit her sexual passion for the Doctor. In what Universe do you have to live to think this is going to bring back the lost family audience and reverse the last two series catastrophic decline?”

“The way this is headed, the real story of the Chibnall era is going to be “Doctor Who and the LAST SHOWRUNNER” and there can be no doubt fans of the previous 36 seasons will cauterise the Chibnall era as the “Stories the show forgot,” John The White added.

He continued, “I think you are right Tzvi that at this point series 13 is being produced purely for contractual obligations to save the BBC from having to pay not to make it, and its telling that Netflix has now dropped the show even in the UK. Not worth paying the BBC just to keep milking the past glories of series 1-10.”

He then stated, “Fortunately, like many fans, I have all the Doctor Who I will ever need right here on my hard drive and as DVD’s on my shelf, and nothing Chris Chibnall can do can take that away from me.”

John The White concluded, “I for one wont be polluting my enjoyment of Doctor Who with any more canon abusing deconstructive hackery, and I encourage others not to watch any further Chibnall content in any way that gives the BBC a “ratings” result, and thereby commit to at least boycott I-player until after the consolidated 8 day rating has come out: if you MUST watch whatever further disaster Chibanll intends to inflict on the franchise…”

On Twitter, he would refer to his comment on the video writing, “Vinay Patel’s letting down of the professional standards the public should expect from BBC writers has now been featured in a YouTube from YouTuber Tzvi Lebetkin, I have made this comment on the video about this incident.”

In response to Patel telling John The White to “GTFO,” Tzvi Lebetkin stated, “GTFO means get the f*** out. Get the f*** out of what, Vinay? I think you are saying get the f*** out of fandom. A lot of us have done that. A lot of Doctor Who fans have done that. And most of the audience have done that.”

He continued, “And most of the audience have done that, I think, because of the attitude that is gripping from this tweet right here. It is unprofessional, it’s arrogant, it’s stupid, it’s everything that is wrong about Twitter. Twitter lives so you can get a disingenuous mic drop, which is what this is.”

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Jodie Whittaker

The ratings for Doctor Who’s Season 12 does indeed show that people are tuning out of the show in droves.

Doctor Who News reported that the premiere episode of Season 12 “Spyfall: Part One” was viewed by 6.89 million people in the United Kingdom. However, by the series finale, “The Timeless Children” viewership had dipped to 4.69 million viewers.

That’s the lowest recorded viewership since 1986’s The Trial Of A Time Lord (Mindwarp): Part Six which was viewed by 4.60 million viewer.

In the United States on BBC America, ratings also plunged for Season 12 as reported by TV Series Finale. Spyfall: Part One was viewed by 790,000 people. By The Timeless Children viewership was down to 374,000.

What do you make of Vinay Patel’s comments directed at John The White?

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