A new report claims that Saga scribe Brian K. Vaughan has been tapped to pen a new Buck Rogers TV series for Legendary.

According to TheWrap, Vaughan’s script will be based on the Armageddon 2419 A.D. novella by Philip Francis Nowlan that first introduced Buck Rogers to the public back in 1928 in the pulp magazine Amazing Stories.

The novella would be collected alongside The Airlords of Han, a sequel to Armageddon 2419 A.D. into a paperback in the 1960s.

The original novella takes place in the United States in the 25th century after the country has been conquered by the Hans in 2109. It sees Americans rebeling against these Airlords of Han, who have built multiple cities across the North American continent.

The novella is narrated by Anthony Rogers as he details the events of the Second War of Independence. It’s revealed that Rogers is actually a veteran of World War I and born in 1898.

However, while investigating a coal mine in Pennsylvania he’s exposed to radioactive gas and falls into a state of suspended animation. He remains in this state for almost 500 years.

After awakening, he intervenes in a gang attack and soon finds himself embroiled in the war against the Hans as he defends Wilma’s village from an attack and even ends up destroying one of their airships.

He continues to help defend the village and eventually assumes leadership. He uses his experience from World War I to turn the tide of war in favor of the Americans especially after a raid on the Sinsings.

Following Nowlan’s novella the character would be adapted into a comic strip titled Buck Rogers by the John F. Dillie Co. The character would then grow in popularity being adapted into radio plays, comic books, and even a movie serial starring Buster Crabbe.

Legendary plans for Buck Rogers to become a major franchise with not only this TV adaptation by Vaughan, but also a film adaptation that spins out of the TV series.

They also reportedly have plans for an animated style series.

Back in October, The Hollywood Reporter detailed that Legendary was working on a Buck Rogers film as well.

Borys Kit reported, “Sources say that Legendary, the company behind the upcoming sci-fi epic Dune and movies such as Godzilla and Kong: Skull Island, is envisioning a big-screen take that would pave the way for a prestige television series as well as an anime series, giving audiences a 360-look at heroics sets in the 25th century.”

The TV series will be produced by Transformers producer Don Murphy and Susan Montford. Flint Dille, the grandson of John F. Dille is also on board to produce.

Murphy and Montford are also expected to produce the film and anime series as well.

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While Vaughan is primarily known for his comic book work on Saga and Y: The Last Man, he has worked in TV before on ABC’s Lost. He also worked on Under the Dome as well as Marvel’s Runaways.

Vaughan is also currently working on a Mobile Suit Gundam project.

Are you looking forward to seeing Buck Rogers back on the big screen and in a new TV series?

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