Marvel Comics recently put Guardians of the Galaxy character Star-Lord into a bisexual relationship.

In the latest issue of the current Guardians of the Galaxy run by Al Ewing and Juann Cabal, Star-Lord awakes naked on the planet of Morinus and encounters the alien nomads Aradia and Mors.

When he meets Aradia and Mors the only thing he has in his possession is his Element Gun.


He quickly discovers that Aradia and Mors are in a relationship.

Not only are they in a relationship, but they invite Star-Lord to join them. Aradia tells him, “Our fire is yours, our food is yours… Our bond should be yours too. You’ve become part of us, Peter. Part of our togetherness.”

However, Star-Lord initially refuses to join them. He tells them, “But in my world, the culture’s different, there’s someone there who’s…well, she’s the someone for me. And I still haven’t given up on getting back.”


However, after spending 12 years on Morinus, Quill eventually decides to join the two in their “togetherness” and describes them as “my home.”

Quill specifically says, “It’s been over a decade. Time to accept the truth, Aradia. Morinus is my home. You’re my home. Thanks for accepting me guys.”

A panel then shows Aradia kissing Quill on the cheek while he wraps his arm around Mors as the three bathe together in an ancient temple.


Later in the comic, after spending one hundred and forty three years on the planet, it appears that either Star-Lord or Bors have impregnated Aradia.


However, just a short 12 minutes later when the gods attack, Aradia is no longer pregnant.

She is seen soaring through the sky alongside Quill with a noticeably flat stomach, no longer with the baby bump.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Quinn being in a bisexual relationship is a new development for the character.

His first appearance all the way back in Marvel Previews #4 from 1976 implies he was intimate with one of the women who “welcome” him to NASA’s training center in Houston.

In Marvel Preview #11, it’s revealed that Star-Lord’s ship is actually a living-being and that she considers herself Star-Lord’s companion.

By Marvel Preview #14, Star-Lord’s ship would actually take the form of a woman and the two would become romantically involved while they explored the planet of Ferrol.

However, Star-Lord was unaware that his ship had taken the form of a woman. She had passed herself off under the alias of Caryth Halyan.

In Marvel Comics Super Special #10, Star-Lord declares his love for the alien Aletha.

The two even appear to consummate the love as they are shown embracing each other naked at the bottom of a waterfall.


In more recent times, Star-Lord declared his love for X-Men member Kitty Pryde.

He told her, “Kitty… I love you!”

The two would eventually get engaged, but Kitty breaks it off when she decides to stay on Earth and the Guardians of the Galaxy including Peter Quill return to space.

However, he would quickly ignite a romance with his fellow Guardians of the Galaxy member, Gamora.

In fact, Gamora would use Star-Lord’s feelings for her to steal the Power Stone from him as she sought to free a piece of her soul trapped within the Soul Stone.

Following the events of Infinity Wars that spawned from Gamora’s desires to reunite her soul, Star-Lord and Gamora would eventually make up and the two were even living together as a family at the beginning of Al Ewing’s Guardians of the Galaxy run.


As you can see Star-Lord has a lengthy history being with women, even if they are alien life forms that take the form of his space ship.

It’s not until this recent issue that writer Al Ewing decided to imply that Peter Quill would be interested in men as well.

What do you make of Ewing’s new addition to Peter Quill’s story?