Star Wars writer Bryan Young mocked The Fandom Menace for embracing Luke Skywalker in the season two finale of The Mandalorian.

Young, who writes for, appeared on SlashFilm’s podcast discussing The Mandalorian Chapter 16 “The Rescue,” where he not only mocked The Fandom Menace for embracing Luke, but he also stated that the Luke Skywalker seen in the episode is the same Luke Skywalker shown in The Last Jedi.

Luke Skywalker

His comments were captured by YouTuber Itchy Bacca and can be heard in the video below.

Young’s comments about The Fandom Menace come after Slash Film founder and owner Peter Sciretta stated, “I know you mentioned the word fan service before, Bryan, but I could also see the angle that Filoni is giving the Fandom Menace, they hated, you know, The Last Jedi, what they wanted from Luke. Does any of that like hit you?”

Young responded, “I think that would have a lot more weight if he was cutting down Stormtroopers. I think putting people in those costumes would be a lot different. I think they’ve purposely established it so that he wouldn’t be doing that.”

“But no I don’t think so. I think this Luke is so consistent with that struggling Luke of Return of the Jedi, who is teetering between Light and Dark. And this shows that it’s not a one-time choice and that he has to make those choices every day because of the power and the responsibility he has,” he continued.

Young went on, “And I think there’s also a contrast here between his discussion about taking Grogu versus Ahsoka’s. Where Ahsoka looks into him and says, ‘Nope his attachment is so bad like we’re out of here.'”

He then compares to this to Luke stating, “And Luke, the Luke in The Last Jedi refers to his arrogance in thinking that he could do this stuff. And here he’s just like, ‘Yeah let’s do it. He just wants your permission. We’re good to go though.’ Like I’m gonna take this baby.”

“And I think Ahsoka’s hesitation shows much more wisdom on her part than Luke has here. And so I think it’s wholly consistent with The Last Jedi,” he added.

Young then mocked The Fandom Menace’s intelligence stating, “But the sort of mind of The Fandom Menace sort, I don’t think it’s going to parse that nuance anyway. So they’ll take it howevery they want.”

What do you make of Young’s comments? 

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