Warner Bros. and more specifically Warner Bros. Consumer Products announced a new partnership with Wonderland Restaurants that is definitely taking aim to ensure you won’t have to leave your home to watch a movie any time soon.

According to a press release, the new partnership, called Wonderland At Home, will provide a “premium immersive boxed dining experience featuring some of the world’s most iconic brands from film and television delivered to your door in 2021.”

Justice League

The very first of these premium dining experiences will take place when Zack Snyder’s Justice League arrives on HBO Max in both the United States and and the United Kingdom on March 18th.

Wonderland At Home will offer customers a “Mother Box.” It will be “filled with innovative food and drink inspired by the timeless stories and iconic DC characters from the Justice League including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and The Flash.”

No specific details about what exactly is in the boxes has been revealed yet, but in their press release they do describe it as a “multi-course offering” and that it will “allow fans to create a reinvention of the fan favourite Big Belly Burger, an infamous fast-food brand from the DC universe, sip on a Jitters Coffee and make an incredible dessert inspired by the cornfields of Smallville.”

They add, “Within the box is a tasting menu of sweet and savoury treats along with two Koul Brau beers and some surprise augmented reality sensorial ‘extras.’”

Justice League

On the official Wonderland at Home website they have revealed at least two dishes. First they revealed one called the Ocean Trench. This is Icelandic cod and chips with trench dressing.

They also reveal the aforementioned Big Belly Burger. The description for it reads, “An infamous fast food burger from the DC universe, served with condiments – Prepare at home.”

Other dishes include one titled Resurrection, which is “inspired by the cornfields of Smallville.”

Another is titled Themysciran Fire. No details were revealed for this one.

Justice League

And as mentioned above they also have Kool Krau Beer. The description reads, “Two beers straight out the DC universe exclusively brewed for Wonderland At Home.”

Next they have Jitters Coffee. It’s described as “cold brew coffee in a can, served in a flash.”

Finally, they also have a Snacks & Extras section, but no details have been revealed for this one.

Justice League

If you are interested in purchasing one of these Mother Box packages, you can do so at the Wonderland At Home website. It will cost you $130 for two people and boxes can be ordered to be delivered between April 15th and May 27th.

They do note on their website that “our box can be made vegetarian friendly (we’ll swap the burger patty for a meat-free one). Additional substitutions are not available. We will only offer a Vegetarian box for two and Vegetarian box for four, we are unable to mix and match.”

Justice League

The dishes do come “pre-prepared in refrigerated packaging, ready for cooking at home.” They do note that some of the dishes “will require you to recreate yourself” but claim “that’s part of the fun.”

Each box will also contain a step-by-step cooking guide with instructions on how to prepare each dish found within the box.

What do you make of this new partnership Warner Bros. has announced with Wonderland Restaurants? Do you think this is another blow to theaters returning to their once prominent status in society?