Rian Johnson Reportedly Confirms His Star Wars Trilogy Is Still In Development

Rian Johnson, the director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, reportedly confirmed that his previously announced Star Wars trilogy is still in development.

Author Sariah Wilson recently revealed she did an interview with Johnson and claimed that the trilogy announced by Lucasfilm back in 2017 is still in development.

Wilson first posted to Twitter revealing she had just spoken with Johnson for about an hour.

She wrote, “You guy…I just got to chat with Rian Johnson for the last HOUR and it was SO MUCH FUN. He is the best.”

She followed that up by sharing a photo of herself and Johnson on a video chat.

Wilson would then go on to reveal that during her discussion with Johnson, he revealed that Kylo Ren and Rey were having romantic feelings towards each other throughout The Last Jedi.

She explained, “If anybody questions whether or not Reylo were meant to be romantic, you can stop speculating. Rian absolutely saw them as a romance.”

In a subsequent tweet, Wilson added, “I mean there was more to their stories and growth and arcs, but he saw them as romantic and intimate.”

Finally, Wilson would reveal the previously announced trilogy is still in development.

She wrote, “I’m just going to post this now because I can see that I’m going to get a lot of requests – Yes, Rian’s SW trilogy is still on. No dates or timelines because he has other projects going on, but it is happening. THAT IS ALL I KNOW ABOUT IT.”

There hasn’t been any real official news at all concerning Johnson’s trilogy since it was first announced before the release of The Last Jedi.

Johnson told Entertainment Tonight back in October 2019, “I have no update at all. But I’m still working with Lucasfilm on it, and they’re figuring out when they do what and everything.”

Given there hadn’t been any movement in four years, it was safe to assume the project had been quietly cancelled after The Last Jedi irrevocably damaged the entire Star Wars brand by radically altering the core of Star Wars and dividing the fan base.

However, a rumor back in December detailed that Johnson might be returning to Star Wars via Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron film that was announced during the Disney Investor Day 2020.

Jenkins revealed in December that she was working on the script with someone else, but didn’t go far as to say who.

She stated, “I want him to have his own proper announcement, so I’m going to wait until that comes out.”

As for who this mystery writer might be, Inside The Magic’s Rebekah Barton claimed it could be Rian Johnson. She wrote, “One potential reason for not sharing the screenwriter’s name is that it might be Rian Johnson.”

What do you make of this claim that Johnson is still working on his Star Wars trilogy? Do you think it will ever actually get made?

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