Star Trek actor Manu Intirayami, who played Icheb on Star Trek: Voyager, admitted he participated in systemic racism.

Intiraymi took to Twitter where he wrote, “Throughout my jr high & high school years we referred to our friend Morty as the Bean. Half of his heritage was Mexican.”

He continued, “We all though it was hilarious, but it wasn’t & I can’t imagine it made him feel good. ”

“This is an example of systematic racism in small towns across the USA,” Intiraymi concluded.

Intiraymi has previously called the American flag as representing “racism” to him.

In June 2020 he wrote on Twitter, “I sit 4 the Anthem & I stand 4 #BlackLivesMatter This land of the free has become a giant hypocrisy. We’re dumbed down slaves working 4 the elite.”

He then added, “The #American flag stands 4 powers that B & it doesn’t mean a whole 2 me, but imperialism, prison system, racism & bad history.”

In fact, in December 2017, Intirayami claimed he’s never stood for the National Anthem.

He wrote, “I’ve never stood 4 the national anthem. The NFL spinning players not standing as ‘Un-American’ is ridiculous. It’s about Racism in The Police. It’s about Black lives. It’s nothing to do with National Pride or Patriotism. It’s about young black boys being murdered. It’s about love.”

Intiraymi would also comment on racism in response to a George Lopez joke about the two rules of Latino families.

Intiraymi responded, “Lighten up on comedians. Sure, Lopez makes a joke about Latino racism.”

He continued, “Granted. If we cant joke about it then we cant have a discussion about it either. We can’t ban racism, its not a thing U can outlaw.”

“We have 2B allowed 2 make fun of our cultures, without being labeled racist,” he concluded.

Intiraymi also defended Kevin Spacey after the actor was accused by Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp of sexual misconduct.

Intiraymi wrote on Twitter, “I’ve been Albino Kid, and if I was in his shoes at 14 and Spacey was 26 I would have hooked up. I’m just being real. Hate me if you chose 2.”

He would later apologize to Rapp on Twitter writing, “Hi Anthony Rapp, I tweeted sumthin the other day whn I heard about U & Spacey & it was harsh. Sorry man. I’m no 1 2 comment as I wasn’t there.”

What do you make of Intirayami’s admission that he participated in systemic racism?

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