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Today, we’ve got more stupid including Disney’s Raya and The Last Dragon, an orangutan named Karen, Michael Moore, and Joe Biden.

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1. Raya And The Last Dragon

Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon is coming under fire by arrogant and greedy journalists over the reviews that Disney’s marketing team is using to promote the film.

Variety writer Courtney Howard took to Twitter where she wrote, “All white men pull quoted in this RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGON ad. Women saw and positively reviewed this film too, ya know.”

Howard would then write in a subsequent tweet, “Justin Chang and Inkoo Kang’s review pull quotes have also been used on social media, which is absolutely great. It’s just confounding that there isn’t a better grouping of diverse voices included in the above ad.”

Forbes writer Scott Mendelson would weigh in as well.

He wrote, “This was such an easy one not to screw up…”

He followed that up writing, “Agreed, but even if it’s just appearances, making sure the pull-quotes aren’t all just white dudes (and there were only three in the spot) should have been a lay-up.”

These looney bins only care about identity. Now reviews used in promotion must be used based on what you look like. It’s not what you wrote, but who wrote, and even then it only matters if you aren’t white.

Complete and utter idiots. The state of journos.

2. Orangutan Named Karen

Are you still hoping to get your COVID vaccine? Well, you better get in line behind the gorillas and orangutans at the San Diego Zoo.

Business Insider reports, “Several great apes at the San Diego Zoo were given experimental Covid-19 vaccines for animals Wednesday morning, becoming the first known non-human primates to receive a vaccine in the US.”

Wildlife Health Officer Nadine Lamberski explained that their 49-year-old silverback gorilla named Winston got Covid-19 and she and the zoo then went about acquiring the vaccine for their apes.

However, before they even received the vaccine, Business Insider reports, “The gorillas had made a full recovery by mid-February.”

William H. Calvin, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Nevertheless, the zoo has received the vaccine and nine apes have received it including an orangutan named Karen, who previously had open-heart surgery in 1994.

And they won’t be the last, Lamberski says, “That big sigh of relief isn’t going to come until our entire community is vaccinated, until the vaccine gets to, you know, remote communities all over the world, to areas where gorillas live in the wild.”

We are prioritizing gorillas over our own citizens. Let that sink in. It’s just sheer idiocy.

3. Michael Moore

Montclair Film, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Filmmaker and political activist Michael Moore railed against Texas after the governor lifted all restrictions previously placed on the state in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moore took to Twitter where he wrote, “Texas – we hear you. You didn’t want to be part of our electrical grid. And now you’ve removed your mask mandate & are allowing large crowds to gather. We hear you!”

He added, “COVID is a hoax! So u don’t need our precious vaccine. We’ll send it to ppl who are saving lives by wearing masks.”

This absolute clown wants to prevent people, his fellow Americans, from getting a vaccine because the governor of the state lifted restrictions. Not only is this dumb, it’s borderline evil.

4. Joe Biden

The White House cut the feed on President Joe Biden after he intimated he was ready to take questions.

A clip shared to the TheFirstonTV Twitter account sees Joe Biden say, “Thank you, thank you. And I’m happy to take questions if that’s what I’m supposed to do, Nance, whatever you want me to do.”

The feed then cuts away from Biden and The White House logo is shown. Finally, another screen pops up and reads, “Thank You For Joining.”

Complete and utter stupidity, no other way to describe it.

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