The corporate bullying that began with Disney has now come to social media, as Twitter has bafflingly added a “sensitive media” warning to the account belonging to former The Mandalorian actress Gina Carano, claiming that it violates the site’s policy on “violent, hateful, or adult content”.

As discovered over the weekend of April 3rd, users who either do not follow the actress or have chosen to have potentially sensitive material marked by the platform are now met with an alert reading “Caution: This profile may include potentially sensitive content,” when attempting to access her public timeline.

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According to Twitter’s support page regarding their Sensitive media policy, this warning is affixed to accounts which share “violent, hateful, or adult content within areas that are highly visible on Twitter.”

Given that the actress has never posted anything that could even be remotely considered “violent” or “adult”, one can assume that her account was penalized under Twitter’s restrictions on “hateful” content, which prohibits the sharing of “any logo, symbol, or image that has the intention to promote hostility against people on the basis of race, religious affiliation, disability, sexual orientation, gender/gender identity or ethnicity/national origin.”

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Yet, the application of this label to Carano’s account appears to be disingenuous, if not an outright falsehood, as at the time of writing, the actress’ feed features nothing related to hate of any kind.

In fact, at the time of Twitter’s marking, the most recent posts in Carano’s feed were two retweets, one from comedian Larry the Cable Guy and another from retired MMA fighter Tim Kennedy, and one meme. Though all of these posts criticized the proposed implementation of COVID-19 vaccination passports, none of them featured any hateful content.

Source: Gina Carano Twitter

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Given the sharp divide between her feed and the general accusations levelled against her by Twitter’s sensitive media policy, it should come as no surprise that, as of writing, the exact content which resulted in her account being marked as sensitive remains unclear.

Bizarrely, in addition to marking her account as sensitive, Twitter also restricted the display of a tweet made by the actress which shows hands of various ethnicities and genders locked in unity, marking the image as “potentially sensitive content.”

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In response to these actions being taken against her account, Carano posted a selfie, captioning it “*sensitive content*” as a way to poke fun at Twitter’s dishonest accusations.

Archive Link Source: Gina Carano Twitter

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