Italian developer 3DClouds and publisher Team17 recently revealed a brand new trailer for King of Seas.

Source: King of Seas

In a press release, the game is described as “an action role-playing game set in a deadly procedurally generated pirate world.”

“In a ferocious plot, you will fight to regain what has been taken away and embark on an epic adventure in a fantastic world, filled with battles, lost islands and treasures,” the press release continues.

It concludes, “A universe full of amazing characters and breathtaking missions will keep you anchored as you strive to become the king of all pirates.”

Source: King of Seas

Take a look at the new trailer.

Not only did they reveal the new trailer, but they also revealed that they released a new demo that is available to download via their Steam page.

Based on the press release, the game will have a heavy focus on exploration as the procedural generation will allow players to “dive into a lush, procedurally generated world that constantly refreshes the exploration mechanics within each new game.”

The map is also covered with a thick fog that “will ensure travelling towards is not plain sailing.”

Source: King of Seas

They also indicate that the “world reacts to your every action, naval routes change and with each conquered settlement the difficulty adapts to constantly give you a more challenging time.”

Not only does the world react to your action, but the press release claims the game features a navigation system where “atmospheric effects influence gameplay.” That means you “sail during a storm at your own risk.” 

You will also have to “carefully watch the wind direction to stay in control during battles.”

Source: King of Seas

As for the types of ships you will be able to use, the press release reveals there are “five types of highly customizable ships through an equipment and skill, just as in any true role-playing game.”

Finally, the game’s combat system features “cannon shots and nautical strategy.” On top of that players will be able to choose from a “set of more than 20 skills” and “three branches of talents” to suit their desired playstyle as they aim to conquer the seas.

You can check out the gameplay trailer here.

The game arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on May 25, 2021.