Daedalic Entertainment and developer Skirmish Mode Games announced the Steam Early Access release date with a brand new trailer for their strategy warfare game Warpips.

The game will hit Steam Early Access for Windows PC on April 29th after three years of development.

Take a look at the trailer.

In a press release, Deadalic Entertainment details the game “lets you build your own army from a diverse roster of powerful vehicles and infantry all while eliminating pesky micromanagement.”

They add, “Set loose the engine of war upon your enemies and watch the chaos of dynamic physics-based combat explode onto the battlefield.”

Source: Warpips

Daedalic touts that the Early Access period will allow players up to 10 hours of gameplay with three campaign maps for a total of 50 levels overall. Each of the maps has a different layout and difficulty will force players to put their tactical minds to the test.

Early Access also showcases the game’s skirmish game mode. It features three levels of difficulty and puts players in randomized one off maps. Each round takes between 10 to 20 minutes.

Source: Warpips

The game will feature 24 player roster units and 15 enemy units. The press release notes that you will be able to “spawn infantry, vehicles, airplanes, and helicopters.”

You can even “call down air strikes, missile attacks and artillery.” In fact “units take cover and respond intelligently to their situation.”

Source: Warpips

You will have to strategize on the units you deploy as the press release notes, “research the right units, create infinite strategic combinations and call down airstrikes to defeat the enemy.”

The game will also feature an “unlockable upgrade tree,” but based on the press release it’s unclear what the specifics of how it works are.

Players will be able to customize their flag and army as well.

Source: Warpips

Finally, Daedalic makes it clear that the game will not feature microtransactions. They state, “Buy the game – you get the game. No microtransactions. No pay to win.”

Do you plan on checking out Warpips when it comes to Steam Early Access later this month?