Artist Artgerm recently revealed his first and last piece of Dragon Ball art featuring Ultra Instinct Goku.

If you are unfamiliar with Goku’s Ultra Instinct form, it was first introduced during the Universe Survival Saga in Dragon Ball Super’s Chapter 39.

Goku struggles with seeking ever greater power to confront Jiren. However, even when he tries to power up by damaging his own body he fails. It’s not until he receives some sage advice from Master Roshi that he is able to achieve the Ultra Instinct form.

And upon doing so, Whis explains the new form, “The ultimate technique, which severs the link between consciousness and body, allowing one to dodge any attack subconsciously.”

Source: Dragon Ball Super

However, while Goku was able to tap into Ultra Instinct during his battle with Jiren. He had not fully mastered the technique.

It wouldn’t be until Chapter 41, where Whis would reveal that Goku had mastered Ultra Instinct after he evaded a massive attack from Jiren and then proceeded to counter with a fist to his gut.

Source: Dragon Ball Super

While Goku would attain Ultra Instinct in his fight against Jiren, he would not perfect it until his battle against Moro following the sacrifice of Merus in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64.

This perfected form allows Goku’s body to act on its own. Goku tells Moro, “My body’s acting on its own and deciding how to dodge. Which is your attacks can’t hit me.”

Source: Dragon Ball Super

As you can see below, Artgerm’s Ultra Instinct Goku appears to be inspired by the transformation’s first appearance when Goku retains his dark hair.

Accompanying the image, Artgerm detailed this would be his first and last piece of Goku original art.

He explained, “Yes I know… Those of you who has been following me long enough know my funny and bizarre story about Goku and why I chose not to draw him even though I love watching Dragonball in my childhood days.”

Artgerm continued, “A very good friend of mind (25 years of friendship) just moved to a new house and he kindly asked if I can grace him a piece of art, and of all character, he picked Ultra Instrinct Goku…..”

“So here it is. My first and my last piece of Goku original art,” he concluded.

As for what his “funny and bizarre” story about Goku is, Artgerm would later explain in a follow up comment.

He began, “So here is the story: A few years ago I had a hardcore DBZ fan on my social media who demanded me to draw Goku whenever I made a post, regardless of the subject matter.”

“He could look at my food pic and commented: ‘Now your stomach is filled. It’s time to draw Goku!’ I got kinda irritated after tolerating that for a year so I told myself I’m not gonna draw Goku cos I didn’t want him to win, and I banned him,” he continued.

Source: Dragon Ball Super

Artgerm then detailed, “One year I was at SDCC, standing outside of my hotel. A fan saw me, ran towards me and then kneeled down in front me shouted: ‘Omg Artgerm in the flesh!’ I was a little shocked so I lifted him up. He then pull me to a corner as asked me: ‘Do you know DBZ?’ I nodded my head cautiously and he said: ‘Can you draw Goku?'”

He concluded, “I suspected it was the same person, cos I checked his profile before I blocked him online. Now it’s a running joke among my peers. Haha.”

What do you make of Artgerm’s Goku? What about his story about why he had previously decided to never draw Goku?