Vox Day Reveals 4 More Series For Arktoons Including Chicago Typewriter, Touts Initial Success Of Platform!

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Arkhaven Comics publisher and Lead Editor Vox Day announced four more series for the newly released digital comic platform, Arktoons.

Arktoons is a free-to-view digital comics platform that releases new episodes of comics every single day of the week. The platform is stylistically similar to Webtoons, where comics are read in a top down format.

It was launched this past Wednesday, and is already seeing success. Vox Day tells Bounding Into Comics, “We’re seeing some incredible engagement statistics on the site.”

He added, “Average session durations have climbed steadily from an average 5 minutes 48 seconds on launch day to 6 minutes 32 seconds. This shows that people are not only reading the new comics at Arktoons, but enjoying them.”

The four new series released on Sunday include Chicago Typewriter, AI Wars, Bovodar & The Bears, and Swan Knight Saga. They bring the total number of series on the platform up to 22.

Here’s a look at each of these four series.

Chicago Typewriter

Source: Chicago Typewriter

During a brutal territory dispute with the Chicago Outfit, Emilio Enzo and his associates discovered just how deeply involved the criminal underworld is in the occult and supernatural. Using hidden pathways to our world, forces of pure evil have established dark strongholds on the city.

Now those forces are out to take revenge on the one man willing to challenge their reign by stealing the soul of his girlfriend Kat. While visiting an old shop full of oddities, Emilio comes across an antique ribbon for a typewriter with an unusual history.

And after bringing the strange red ribbon home and spooling it into his machine, he is astonished when it begins to communicate with him late at night….

Source: Chicago Typewriter

1920s Prohibition-era Chicago collides with the hidden world in Brandon Fiadino’s debut graphic novel.

Swan Knight Saga

Source: Swan Knight Saga

Gilberic Parzival Moth is a strange and lonely boy who has grown up without a father, raised by a single mother who moves from town to town in fear of something she will not name. His only friends are animals, with whom he has always been able to speak.

But when he awakens one night at the Thirteenth Hour, and sees for the first time the cruel reality of the secret rule of Elf over Man, he begins to learn about his true heritage, the heritage of Twilight.

And when his mother finally tells him the terrible truth of her past, he must choose whether to continue running with her in fear, or learning how to fight against ancient powers that are ageless, soulless, and ultimately damned.

Source: Swan Knight Saga

Based on the 2017 Dragon Award Finalist for Best YA Novel by science fiction grandmaster John C. Wright. Adapted by Chuck Dixon. Illustrated by Richard Bonk.

Bovodar & The Bears

Source: Bovodar & The Bears

What would you do if two angry bears came pounding on your door, demanding that you hurry out to meet them? That’s the dilemma for Bovodar Yarkery, who is confronted one day with a gathering of bears who wish to carry him off on their grand adventure.

Across hazardous deserts, through caverns, and far up through the forests into the cold North, there stands Kalas Hall, home of an evil polar bear lord, King Valemod.

The path is long, perilous, and uncertain, but if Bovodar & the Bears succeed in their mission, untold glory and riches can be theirs… but only if they can overcome the dangers that await them.

Source: Bovodar & The Bears

Bovodar & the Bears is an All Ages fantasy written by Jack Mikkelson and illustrated by Mary MacArthur.

AI Wars

Source: AI Wars

Tom Palmer never wanted to be a hero, he just wanted to take his happy medication like everyone else in the A.I.-controlled factory, but when an accident causes him to miss taking his injection, he gets pinned with a terrorist act caused by humanity’s resistance.

On the run, Tom Palmer must join the revolutionaries fighting humanity’s AI overlords for his own survival. Any hope for the human race’s future generations rest on his shoulders!

Source: AI Wars

AI Wars is written by Jon Del Arroz and illustrated by Felzbug Formosa.

Which title are you most looking forward to checking out?

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