Tokyo Ghoul Creator Sui Ishida Announces Brand New Series Titled Choujin X

Source: Sui Ishida Twitter

Tokyo Ghoul creator Sui Ishida recently informed his fans and followers that he is working on a brand new series titled Choujin X.

The first issue of the series was released on May 10th. In Japan it is being released on the Tonari no Young Jump service while for English speakers it’s available on the Shonen Jump app and Manga Plus.

While the first issue was released today, in a message on Twitter, Ishida noted that he will be working “at his own pace.”

Source Sui Ishida Twitter

On the official Shonen Jump app the series description reads, “Sometimes to fight a monster, you must become one!”

The first chapter is a whopping 79 pages. It takes place in a Japan where people have the ability to become Choujins or superpowered peoples.

In the first chapter, Ishida introduces readers to three different types of Choujin, one who has the ability to shoot fire from his hands, the second is the Flexi Choujin, who has powers similar to Mr. Fantastic, and the third Choujin is the Bestial Choujin, it’s unclear what his powers are, but he does appear to have extremely enhanced strength.

Source: Choujin X

Based on the first chapter, most Choujins appear to be above the law able to get away with anything they want due to their superpowers. This is highlighted by the fact that the Choujin who can shoot fire from his hands brings down an entire airplane and faces no consequences whatsoever.

Choujins’ powers also do not appear to come naturally, rather the powers come from a shot given by a doctor. It’s unclear if each shot grants specific powers or if the shots somehow adapt to the person’s personality who receives it.

Not only does the shot give you enhanced powers turning you into a superpowered being, but it also appears to have dramatic side effects concerning your personality. To what extent those side effects are is yet unknown.

Source: Choujin X

The book’s main protagonist is a teenager named Tokio Kurohara. He’s depicted as more of a dreamer than a doer. In fact, he acts as his friend Azuma Higashi’s eyes and ears as they defend innocent people from thugs.

While Tokio sees wrong doing he doesn’t actually do anything other than call Azuma to put a stop to it. It’s Azuma who uses his karate and judo skills to defeat the criminals.

However, the fact that Azuma is carrying the load eventually begins to weigh on Tokio especially after he receives some harsh criticism from his older sister.

After coming under attack from the Flexi Choujin, he and Azuma stumble upon one of the shots that can turn you into a Choujin. Tokio takes the shot, which turns him into the Bestial Choujin. 

Source: Choujin X

You can read the full first chapter for free right here.

Do you plan on checking out Sui Ishida’s Choujin X?

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