Artist Sciamano240 recently shared a brand new pinup of the upcoming Genshin Impact character Captain Eula Lawrence sporting a bikini.

Source: Genshin Impact

Eula is one of Genshin Impact’s newest characters and will not arrive in the game until May 19th where she will be obtainable through a Character Event Wish.

As for her character, she’s the Captain of the Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance Company and is called the Spindrift Knight.

Source: Genshin Impact Twitter

As the Captain of the Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance Company her job is to “hunt down enemy troops, or fend off the enemy in side skirmishes away from the main battle.”

Her job keeps her away from Mondstadt as “she spends most of her time out in the wild, leading her team of scouts as they hunt down Abyss Order operatives and other monsters.”

She performs her tasks wielding a claymore and her Cryo Vision.

Source: Genshin Impact YouTube

The most intriguing aspect of Eula might be her heritage. She’s a Lawrence and a descendant of the family that once ruled over Mondstadt with a bloody fist.

In fact, many citizens of Mondstadt still view the Lawrence name as one “of depravity and despotism that stains Mondstadt’s past and scars the minds of its citizens even to this days.”

As for her hobbies, she enjoys “sipping a nice cold drink, sitting in a canyon feeling the biting wind howl past her face or diving in the lake at the foot of Dragonspine.”

He favorite foods are those of her own creation. One example is a “Chilled Tomato and Aspic Jelly Egg Roll [paired] very nicely with an ice-cold glass of Berry & Mint Punch.”

Source: Genshin Impact YouTube

 Sciamano240 shared the pinup of Eula as she enjoys a day on the beach surrounded by cryo slimes.

The artist wrote, “Summer Eula from Genshin Impact. I’m so hyped for future summer skins… and she’s not even out yet!”

Sciamano240 has previously showed off other Genshin Impact characters.

Back in March the artist shared his pinup of Rosaria.

Before that Sciamano240 shared a pinup of Ninguang.

The artist also shared a pinup of Xinyan in gym wear. 

Back in January Sciamano24o shared a pinup of Ganyu.

And in November 2020, the artist shared one of Beidou.

If you are interested in supporting Sciamano240, the artist has a Patreon with a number of membership levels.

What do you make of Sciamano240’s pinup of Eula? Which of the Genshin Impact pinups are you favorite?

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