The rumors surrounding the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home film just ratcheted it up a notch as the latest ones reveal the film will feature the deaths of significant characters.

Source: Spider-Man: Far From Home

These rumors come from 4Chan’s /TV board and not only claim to reveal these significant deaths, but provide a broad outline on what will happen in the film.

This alleged plot leak begins with Peter on the run with Ned and MJ after Spider-Man was accused of murder by Mysterio and J. Jonah Jameson. The leak claims they are hiding in a homeless shelter.

Fortunately, Doctor Strange finds them and offers refuge at the Sanctum in New York.

While Doctor Strange attempts to figure out how to makes things right for Peter and his friend, Peter stumbles upon an interdimensional prison inside the Sanctum.

The prison contains Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, and the Sandman from Sam Raimi’s original three Spider-Man films. It also includes the Lizard and Electro from The Amazing Spider-Man movies.

Holland’s Peter Parker is tricked into freeing the villains believing they need to save their Earths.

When Strange returns he informs Peter of his grave mistake and reveals the villains were being kept there because they had been experimenting with interdimensional technology on their Earths. He then tasks Spider-Man with putting a stop to their actions.

He eventually confronts them at Oscorp, where Green Goblin has lead the team of villains to steal prototype interdimensional technology. It doesn’t go well for Parker as he gets roundly defeated.

Following, his defeat, he and Strange seek aid from Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Men.

When they arrive to recruit Maguire it’s revealed he’s married to Mary Jane and has a daughter. Garfield’s Spider-Man is now a college professor.

Source /TV 4Chan

The leaks continue with the Green Goblin and the other villains using the Oscorp tech to create a portal from The Amazing Spider-Man world to the MCU. In fact, it appears it will connect directly to the end of Amazing Spider-Man with Rhino charging through. 

However, if this is indeed true, it would seem to contradict the idea that Garfield was now a professor. It’s possible Rhino is doing another charge in a similar fashion to the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and it’s not the charge from the original film.

Nevertheless, with Rhino the Sinister Six is formed and it includes Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Lizard, Electro, and Rhino.

Source: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

While the Oscorp tech creates a portal leading into the MCU, Goblin figures out that in order to create two-way portals they need a Stark power core. While he sets out to obtain it, he orders the rest of the Sinister Six to battle the three Spider-Men.

A battle ensues at the Statue of Liberty with Maguire’s Spider-Man eventually being beaten and battered so hard he ends up dying following the fight.

When Goblin eventually arrives on the scene, he has Ned in tow. A battle ensues between Holland’s Parker, Garfield’s Parker, and Goblin. During the battle, Goblin tosses a pumpkin bomb that ends up killing Ned.

With Ned dying, Holland’s Spider-Man goes into a rage and nearly kills Green Goblin. However, he is prevented from doing so by Garfield’s character.

Source: Spider-Man: Far From Home

After locking all the villains back up in Strange’s prison, Garfield gives Holland the responsibility talk at Ned’s grave. 

As for the accusations of murder against Holland’s Peter Parker, the alleged leak claims he turns himself in and Matt Murdock successfully defend him.

The movie reportedly ends with a final swing featuring both Holland Garfield in the streets of New York City.

Source /TV 4Chan

There might be some problems for this alleged leak.

While Garfield and Maguire have been rumored for the film for quite a while, Garfield attempted to dispel the rumors by claiming he’s not in the movie.

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment YouTube

He appeared on the Happy Sad Confused podcast and stated, “I can’t speak for anything else, but for myself. They might be doing something, but I ain’t got a call.”

He added, “I see how often Spider-Man is trending and it’s like people freaking out. And I’m just like, ‘guys, guys, guys’ — I wish I could just be able to speak to everyone and say, ‘I recommend that you chill.'”

“I would’ve gotten a call by now. That’s what I’m saying,” he concluded.

Tom Holland also appeared to dispel the rumors back in February.

When asked if Maguire and Garfield might show up, Holland responded, “Beats me, I don’t know. If they are, they never told me yet.”

I’ve never met Kirsten Dunst. I met Andrew once, I met him at the BAFTAs. He was lovely. He was a really nice bloke and we had a nice chat. It was quite soon after Spider-Man: Homecoming had come out. He was really positive and nice.

I’ve bumped into Tobey a few times at different parties in LA. He was really nice. They seem to be lovely, really nice people. I hope they enjoy our movies. I hope they enjoy our Spider-Mans.

Source: Spider-Man 2 (2004), Columbia Pictures

However, Holland did describe the film as “the most ambitious standalone superhero movie ever made.”

He explained, “I can say that it’s the most ambitious standalone superhero movie ever made. You sit down, read the script, and see what they’re trying to do, and they’re succeeding.”

“It’s really impressive. I’ve never seen a standalone superhero movie quite like it. And I’m just, you know, again, that lucky little s*** who happens to be Spider-Man in it. We got a lot more shooting to do,” Holland elaborated.

Source: Spider-Man 2 (2004), Columbia Pictures

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While Garfield and Holland attempted to dispel the rumors, Jamie Foxx leaned into them sharing a report to his Instagram that he was reprising his role as Electro.

Source: Jamie Foxx Instagram

Not only that, but he went on to share artwork featuring multiple Spider-Man characters facing off against Electro.

In that post, he even detailed, “Tell Spidey let’s run it back!… super excited to part of the new marvel Spider-Man new installment… can’t wait for y’all to check the new one. And I won’t be blue in this one!! But a thousand percent badass!!!”

Source: Jamie Foxx Instagram

So, it’s possible this leak could be accurate and Holland and Garfield are trying to put up a smokescreen in order to obfuscate. Or this leak could be a whole pile of poo.

What do you think? Do you think there is any legitimacy to this alleged leak?