Chris Pratt is one of the few celebrities who is not afraid to show love and respect for his country — unlike most of his insufferable woke Hollywood colleagues, many of whom who constantly feel the need to pander to the woke social justice mob.

Source: The Tomorrow War (2021), Paramount Pictures

Further proving just how much of a true American patriot he is, this past Monday The Tomorrow War actor shared an inspiring message to his personal Instagram account proudly declaring his respect for the the U.S. Military and, in honor of Flag Day, the Stars and Stripes.

What’s more, Pratt also encouraged others to exercise their right to freedom of expression, stating that people are “free to say whatever kind of crazy a** s*** you want in this country.”

“Impressive feat from the @navyparachuteteam ‘leap frogs’,” read the actor’s post. “I love our flag. The Stars and Stripes represent all of us. Every American regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or political leaning is protected and free to be themselves in this great country.”

Pratt continued, “This banner is yours. You are free to say whatever kind of crazy a– s–t you want in this country. And the crazy a– s–t I want to say is this: ‘I pledge allegiance to the flag of the USA. And to the republic for which it stands. One nation, UNDER GOD, #Indivisible, with Liberty and a justice for all.”

Source: Chris Pratt, Instagram

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the first time that Pratt has shared inspiring, patriotic messages to his personal Instagram account.

On Memorial Day, Pratt took to the social media platform to share a heartfelt message in which he honoured and remembered those who have fallen while performing their military duties, while also calling out those who constantly “b—h and moan about America.”

Pratt’s message came as a breath of fresh air after both the Vice President and 46th President of the United States — Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, respectively — shared tone-deaf messages on Twitter ahead of Memorial Day.

Harris shared a picture of herself and wrote “Enjoy the long weekend,” without a single mention of the nation’s fallen troops – the main reason why Americans are actually “celebrating” the long weekend.

Source: Vice President Kamala Harris, Twitter

Similarly, President Biden shared a picture of himself holding an ice cream cone and simply wrote, “Stay cool this weekend, folks” – which somehow managed to be an even more disrespectful tweet than the one Harris’.

Source: President Biden, Twitter

It’s also refreshing to see how much regular support from Pratt gets from other social media users every time he decides to share an inspiring, heartfelt, and patriotic message like those noted above.

Given how woke Hollywood celebrities tend to be the most vocal and regularly centered individuals on social media, it’s commendable to see an A-list actor like Chris Pratt showing how proud they are of their country, its core values, and the troops that have made the ultimate sacrifice in ensuring that the United States remains the land of the free.

Source: The Tomorrow War(2021), Paramount Pictures

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