A recent report has claimed that after a recent day of filming Indiana Jones 5 on-set in the English city of Newscastle, star Harrison Ford lost his temper and exploded in an angry-yet-misdirected tirade against a group of fans who waited for the actor outside of his hotel in the hopes of securing an autograph.

Source: Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008), Paramount Pictures

According to Northern England-centric newspaper The Northern Echo, Ford “is said to have lost his temper and unleashed a foul-mouthed tirade when he saw a paparazzi photographer who had been following him closely during his stay in the North-East.”

However, the paper also prefaced their coverage of Ford’s outburst by noting, “Ford’s management told fans he would not be signing or posing for pictures due to concerns over Covid safety as the 78-year-old falls into the vulnerable category.”

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As relayed to the paper by 18-year-old Newcastle College film student Chris Forster, the veteran found himself at his wit’s end after encountering a group of fans, as well as one particularly pesky paparazzi member, waiting for him upon his return to the Malmaison hotel.

“There was about eight of us in one line. We said: ‘we all just want one each’,” said Foster. “He said, ‘I am not signing for any of you. I am not doing photos or any of that. None of it.”

Source: Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008), Paramount Pictures

He then recalled how “there was a paparazzi waiting and that is when [Ford] said: ‘And you can get the eff out of my way too, because I am sick of you’.”

“He wasn’t in a good mood,” said Foster. “He was going in the hotel shouting: ‘I am sick of all of these people getting in my way’.”

Source: Indiana Jones And The Temple of Doom via MovieClips YouTube

Foster also said that when asked if he would at “not just sign one” thing for a 14-year old fan, Ford ignored the young men, got into a waiting car, “and drove off”.

Another witness to the incident, Tom Jefferson, noted that the aforementioned lone paparazzi photographer appeared to be the main target of Ford’s ire.

“When we were stood in a line he was about to say something to us and then the paparazzi turned him and he blew his lid,” said Jefferson. “He went ballistic and started screaming at him. He had been following him all week so I think that is what has tipped him over the edge.”

Source: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019), Lucasfilm Ltd.

As of writing, neither Ford nor his management team have commented on this recent interaction with fans.

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