Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Officially Announced, Will Feature Live-Action Debut Of Beast Wars Characters

Source: Transformers: Power of the Primes Trailer (2018), Tatsinoko Production

Beast Wars fans rejoice, as Hasbro and Paramount Pictures have announced that the Maximals and Predacons will finally come to live-action blows in the newly announced upcoming entry into the long-running Transformers film series, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

The film was announced on the official Transformers Facebook page who noted, “The battle on Earth is no longer just between Autobots and Decepticons… Maximals, Predacons, and Terrorcons join Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, in theaters June 24, 2022.

Source: Transformers Facebook

According to reputable Transformers news source TFW2005, who attended a recent “special announcement event” held by Paramount Pictures, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts will reportedly attempt to combine the series’ signature grand action scenes with the more character driven story seen in the 2018 Bumblebee solo film.

Source: Bumblebee (2018), Paramount Pictures

Taking place in 1994 and continuing the events of the aforementioned Bumblebee solo outing, the upcoming 7th film in the Transformers franchise will see the Cybertronian factions of the Autobots, Decepticons, Maximals, and Predacons under threat from the merciless Terrorcons (no word on if their combiner form, Abominus, will make an appearance).

As described by TFW2005, “Maximals and Predacons will be prominently featured in the movie. Also, we will see Terrorcons. Predacons and Terrorcons are not allies. Terrorcons are the main baddies. Predacons are reptilian in nature and are the enemies of the Maximals. Meanwhile, Terrorcons are a threat to them all, but more in opposition to the Autobots.”

Source: Transformers: Beast Wars: The Ascending Vol. 1 #1 (2007), IDW. Cover art by Don Figueroa and Mark Bristow.

Following in the tradition of past Transformers movies, which have seen various Cybertronians interacting with various humans throughout history such as King Arthur and his knights or Sam Witwicky’s grandfather, the story of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is tied to the Incas and will explore their traditions and ways of life “through Cybertronian eyes.”

Paramount Pictures also revealed just a few of the iconic Transformers set to make an appearance in the upcoming film, including newcomers Nightbird, Airazor, and Optimus Primal.

They also provided brief descriptions of both their characters and alt-modes.

Source: Transformers: Beast Wars: The Ascending Vol. 1 #2 (2007), IDW. Art by Don Figueroa and Josh Burcham.

TFW2005 provided the descriptions of the characters during their live coverage of the event.

Optimus Prime

Here’s how they described Prime, “Optimus Prime is the lead character and his alt mode is an upgraded version of the G1 look from the Bumblebee movie. Think Bee Movie earth mode, with a gray torso, gray windshield flaps, and grey upper shoulder parts that lead into the smokestacks.”

They added, “Peter Cullen will once again resume his voice acting duties.  This will show how Optimus becomes the leader he was in Bay movies. Why does he have connection to Earth, humans.”

Source: Bumblebee (2018), Paramount Pictures


For Bumblebee they stated, “Bumblebee is a classic Camaro with off-road extensions. 2nd gen 70s camaro, raised, z/28 badging, external framing, chunky wheels, light bar on top a la Ratchet.”

Source: Bumblebee (2018), Paramount Pictures


Here’s how they described Mirage, “Mirage is a silver and blue Porche 911. His characterization is similar to AOE Crosshairs. Anti-Authority. Can transform into multiple types of vehicles. RE: Multi Vehicles – not sure if they were talking his history in brand or actually in this movie.”

Source: Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011), Paramount Pictures


Arcee will also be making an appearance. Here’s her description, “Arcee’s robot mode is close to G1 and is a Ducati 916 motorcycle. Red with rose/pink and white highlights. Classic head. Ducati bike. Racing number on leg.”

Source: Bumblebee (2018), Paramount Pictures


Next, they detailed Nightbird, “Nightbird is included as a Nissan GTR. She is also a Terrorcon. Purplish grey in color. She is a modernized version of the G1 character of the same name. Facemask with robo looking hood.  Switched sides, allegiances are flexible.”

Source: Transformers Legends “LG-15 Nightbird Shadow Sequel” (2015), TakaraTomy. Art by Hayato Sakamoto.


Next is the Terrorcon, Scourge. Here’s his description, “Scourge is the leader of Terrocons and is a trophy hunter. Like Lockdown from [Age of Extinction]. When he kills, he rips the faction insignias and ‘tattoos’ them into his body.  4 smokestacks on back, all smoking.  Claw hand with electricity.  Black/grey tone with orange pops. Not Black Convoy looking, but probably a truck due to smokestacks in art.”

Source: Transformers: The Movie (1986) Sunbow Productions


Next is Airazor, “Airazor is a robotic bird.  Rusty bird mode, steampunk esque. Silhouette is very real world bird, but plated/layered. Looks old, been here a bit. Blue glowing eyes.”

Source: Beast War: Transformers Episode 15 “The Spark” (1996), Mainframe Entertainment


Here’s the description for Rhinox, “Rhinox… well, needs no introduction. also very Rhino shaped, plated, also steampunk and rusty. Ironhide like, wants to use his horn. Again, looks old, like old metal, been here a bit.”

Source: Beast Wars Transformers Episode 43 “Cutting Edge” (1998), Mainframe Entertainment

Optimus Primal

Last but not least we got a description of Optimus Primal.

They detailed, “Fans have seen Optimus Primal before. Remember the TLK CGI Concept art? Yep. But with much more fur. He’s the leader of the Maximals and is very protective of those who are under his protection. You don’t mess with Primal. Rusty under frame, looks like random patches of skin and fur layered on top. Like he’s been through some stuff. He is leader of Maximals, equal in stature to Prime.”


The studio also revealed the roles of Elena and Noah for actors Dominique Fishback and Anthony Ramos, respectively.

TFW2005 described Elena as a “researcher of artifacts, works at museum, boss keeps stealing her thunder.”

And Noah’s description reads, “father figure to brother. Ex military. Trying to find his way, good with electronics, trying to get by. [Ramos himself] was a Beast Wars guy. Name dropped characters [during the event].

Source: Transformers: Beast Wars Vol. 1 #1 “Savage Landing Part 1” (2021), IDW. Cover art by Fico Ossio.

Regarding personnel, Paramount announced that the film would be directed by Steven Caple Jr. (Creed II), written by Darnell Metayer and Josh Peters (no credits), and feature a story outlined by Joby Harold (Army of the Dead, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword).

As of writing, there is no word on whether or not any of the original Beast Wars voice actors will reprise their roles for the film.

Source: Beast Wars: Transformers Episode 1 “Beast Wars (Part 1)” (1996), Mainframe Entertainment

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is currently aiming for a June 24, 2022 release date.

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