Lucasfilm’s upcoming fifth Indiana Jones film starring Harrison Ford allegedly had its title and plot leaked.

The leaks reportedly occurred on both Reddit and Twitter and were captured by YouTuber Mr H Reviews.

Not only were the leaks captured by Mr H Reviews, but he also contacted his own sources.

Mr H detailed, “I have reached out to my sources and I was told categorically and I quote, ‘There are some half-truths in this, but mostly bulls***.”

Source: Indiana Jones 4-Movie Collection

First, he goes over the alleged title leak, which comes from what looks like a cover page for the film’s script written by James Mangold and and Jez Butterworth.

The title is reportedly Indiana Jones And The Order Of Elysium.

Mr H believes the title is legitimate. He states, “I actually also think that could be the name. I don’t doubt that this here could be legit. In fact, I’m 75% certain. I’m 75% positive it could be legitimate. I’m not poo pooing this. I think this has the potential to be true. I do. I really do.”

However, he does note, “But after all it is literally a piece of paper that someone has taken a photo of and it’s wound up on the internet.”

Source: Indiana Jones 4-Movie Collection

After revealing the alleged title, Mr H moves to an alleged plot leak shared to the massive Movies subreddit.

The reddit post also claims the title is Indiana Jones and the Order of Elysium.

It goes on to detail that the film will begin in 1945 before continuing to 1967.

Next, it claims to reveal Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s character. It says she’s playing a British journalist named Clara who is investigating NASA’s ties to a former Nazi scientist Schroder played by Mads Mikkelsen.

Source: Indiana Jones 4-Movie Collection

It goes on to detail that Toby Jones plays a character named Wyatt who discovers a plot by Schroder to activate a device called “die Glocke” that can apparently manipulate time and reverse the outcome of World War II and create a new Nazi empire.

However, in order to activate the device he needs to locate a power source called The Chronos Stone, which NASA wants to use to help them in the Space Race against the Soviet Union. 

In order to find The Chronos Stone they are using a cryptex, but it is stolen by Wyatt.

Source: Indiana Jones 4-Movie Collection

Jones is somehow involved in the plot, but he is actively working against the United States government who are funding Schroder and his mission to obtain The Chronos Stone.

The film will feature a number of cameos from past Indiana Jones actors. It details that John Rhys-Davies does make an appearance in a scene where Indy, Clara, and Wyatt take refuge with Sallah.

Other cameos include Belloq, Toht, Mola Ram, Elsa and Spalko. However, their cameos appear at the end of the film when the Die Glocke is actually activated. Upon activiation it creates a wormhole where the characters are seen as “swirling ghosts.”

This alleged leak also details that Karen Allen appears at the beginning and end of the film.

Source: Indiana Jones 4-Movie Collection

Other details from this leak include gruesome villains deaths. Specifically, it states, “Their flesh is torn from the bones in a vortex of light.”

The leak concludes by describing a number of action set pieces.

It reads, “Action Set pieces includes motorbikes, A motorbike/train chase, A rapid river escape and a violent fist fight in a crumbling greek temple.”

Source: Indiana Jones 4-Movie Collection

As for which parts of this leak are the half-truths, Mr H believes the film will indeed open in 1945 based on a young Indiana Jones stunt double seen on the set as well as a number of set pieces decked out in Nazi iconography.

He also believes that it will continue into 1967 given Ford’s current age.

Mr H also believes that Mikkelsen plays the former Nazi scientist and that Waller-Bridge is playing the British journalist.

Source: Indiana Jones 4-Movie Collection

However, he calls into question the leak about the Die Glocke and details his source told him it is not part of the story.

He explained, “I spoke to my source and I was told that [concept art of the Die Glocke] was just leaked as fake. So, I’m looking at this and the Die Glocke, there, I was told is not part of the story. So that’s something which I was told categorically is not part of the story; it is not to be believed.”

He adds, “It also doesn’t line up with the other elements that we heard, which was actually about space. About the first moon landing because that’s basically what that was based on. Because there were Nazi scientists that did work for NASA and they worked on the first moon landing.”

As for the wormholes, Mr H claims that part is not true. He says, “But I think the wormhole and things like that, I don’t think that’s true. From what I’ve been told, anyway.”

Source: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

What do you make of this alleged title and the plot leaks?

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