Twitter has banned and suspended YouTuber Heel vs Babyface.

When you attempt to access Heel vs Babyface’s Twitter profile, the profile page states, “Account suspended.”

It also reads, “Twitter suspends accounts which violate the Twitter Rules.”

Source: Heel vs Babyface Twitter

In a YouTube video providing details on the ban, Heel vs Babyface detailed that he’s not even able to access his account.

He explained, “It won’t even let me go into my account. It says, ‘No, no, no no. No, no, no. You’re suspended unless we release you.”

The YouTuber went on to detail that he filled out a form requesting he be unsuspended, but detailed that while filling out the form, he wrote “something snarky like, ‘Because you guys can’t take a joke.'”

He goes on to state, “So, I’m not hedging my bets that Twitter is going to invite me back anytime soon.”

Source: Heel vs Babyface YouTube

As for why he got banned and suspended by Twitter, he shared a message from Twitter that detailed he violated Twitter’s rules for “hateful conduct.”

It goes on to state, “You may not promote violence against, threaten or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability or serious disease.”

The tweet in question appears to be a response to Marvel Comics’ newly announced Winter Hulk storyline that will begin in September in Avengers #48 written by Jason Aaron and Javier Garron.

The new storyline was recently announced across social media platforms with one of the ugliest pieces of promo artwork.

Marvel wrote on Twitter, “Winter Hulk is coming… “World War She-Hulk’ continues in Avengers #48, available September 2021!”

Source: Marvel Twitter

Heel vs Babyface explains his tweet, “So what did I put? I put a quote from Game of Thrones, ‘All men must die.”

He elaborated, “You know that famous quote from Game of Thrones that Daenerys Targaryen espouses to.”

The YouTuber does go on to note the quote from Game of Thrones is Valar Morghulis and it translates to “All men must die.”

He shared a screenshot of the email to his Instagram.

He then confirms he was indeed responding to Marvel’s announcement about the Winter Hulk. 

Heel vs Baby Face explained, “It’s because Marvel announced this Super Saiyan Targaryen. Daenerys period blood. The Super Saiyan Targaryen is here, folks.”

He later added, “So when I see this and I see this Super Saiyan Targaryen looking like she’s going to go absolutely postal on some men…I’m saying to myself the Super Saiyan Targaryen ‘All Men Must Die.'”

“The building’s so smashed, the flames are all brewing. That surely must be her mission. She don’t need no dragons, this one. Just look at them. That’s a man.”

Source: Game of Thrones

“However, it looks like Twitter doesn’t understand context. Twitter doesn’t understand Game of Thrones. Maybe Twitter just hates Game of Thrones and admittedly after season eight I can understand that. I can kind of forgive that,” he stated. 

Later in the video, Heel vs Babyface stated, “If Twitter don’t release the suspension so it just remains an ongoing ban, I think I’ll be great.”

Then at the ended of the video he summarized, “So, I’m currently permanently suspended from Twitter because they don’t like Game of Thrones quotes.”

Source: Game of Thrones

What do you make of Twitter banning Heel vs Babyface?

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