Director Quentin Tarantino known for Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs, and Pulp Fiction recently appeared on Real Time With Bill Maher where he called out the rampant ideological climate of modern Hollywood.

Tarantino appeared on the show to promote his novelization of Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood.

TOKYO, JAPAN Ð AUGUST 26, 2019: Quentin Tarantino attends the Tokyo Premiere of Columbia PicturesÕ Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

During the interview Maher brought up the press event at the Cannes Film Festival where New York Times reporter Farah Nayeri asked, “Quentin, you have put Margot Robbie a very talented actress, actor, in your film. She was with Leonardo in Wolf of Wall Street, I, Tonya. This is a person with a great deal of acting talent, and yet you haven’t really given her any lines in the movie. And I wonder, I guess that was a deliberate choice on your part, and I just want to know why that was. Why we don’t hear her actually speaking very much? And, Margot I wanted you to also comment about being in the film and this part.”

Tarantino bluntly responded, “Well, I just reject your hypotheses.”

Speaking with Maher, Tarantino would discuss the problems with modern Hollywood.

He stated, “There has become a thing that’s gone on, especially in this last year, where… ideology is more important than art.”

Maher would interject, “Certainly to the awards.”

Tarantino continued, “Yeah. It’s like ideology trumps art. Ideology trumps individual effort. Ideology trumps good. Ideology trumps entertaining.”

While Tarantino did criticize modern Hollywood, he does believe this current phase it is in will pass.

Deadline’s Dade Hayes summarized that part of the discussion writing, “Battles over artistic choice occur ‘in waves,’ Tarantino said. ‘Just looking at the 40s, even though it was wartime, that was also when you had film noir. Even with the Hays Code! You had these dark, dark stories being told.’”

Hayes added, “Similarly, artistic expression is apt to prevail in the current climate, which he called ‘basically the ’80s, part two,’ noting Maher’s former ABC series Politically Incorrect was born as a reaction to the PC movement of the 1980s.”

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Berlin, 1. August 2019
(L-R) Brad Pitt, Quentin Tarantino, Margot Robbie und Leonardo Di Caprio

What do you make of Tarantino’s comments about current day Hollywood?