Warner Bros. Tweets Credit To 2D Animators For Work On Space Jam: A New Legacy After Omitting Names From Theatrical Release

Source: Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021), Warner Bros. Entertainment

After failing to name them in the film’s closing credits, Warner Bros. has finally credited the 2D animators who provided their talents to Space Jam: A New Legacy, albeit in a singular tweet made two weeks after its release.

Source: Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021), Warner Bros. Entertainment

On July 30th, Warner Bros took to the official Space Jam twitter account “to thank the amazing artists and collaborators that made the 2D animation on Space Jam: A New Legacy,” providing four separate ‘credit’ images bearing the names of the previously neglected artists. 

“Your commitment to creativity and tireless dedication brought our beloved characters to life,” Warner Bros. concluded. And we are proud to share them with audiences everywhere.”

Archive Link Source: Space Jam Twitter

The names of the animators, who were unjustly ignored by Warner Bros., are as follows (in order as listed by Warner Bros. in their tweet):

Troy Nethercott

Spike Brandt

Devin Crane

Scott F. Johnston

Chris Cartagena

Katrina Beshears

Alonzo Ruvalcaba

Alex Orrelle

Brian Woods

Lorenzo Martinez

Elizabeth Watasin

Tracy Lee

Mary Sheridan

Phillip Vigil

Sarah-Jane King

Rhonda Hicks

Glo Minaya

Garrett Broussard

Rebecca Cho

Source: Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021), Warner Bros. Entertainment

Aidan Terry

Alex Cho

Allen Blyth

Amos Sussigan

Andrés Corretje

Angela Demirai

Anh Nguyen

Antonio De Luca

Aya Peard

Betty Sourigues

Bobbies Lucas

Borja Montoro

Brandon Coulter

Brett Hardin

Brett Harding

Casey Lowe

Cecilia Petrucci

Chloe Look

Christina Halstead

Chrystal Li

Collette Sunderman

Colton Stickney

Connie Nartonis Thompson

Courtney Madincea

Craig Berry

Dan Haskett

Dan Larsen

Dan Unser

Daniel Gonzalez

Darlie Brewster

Dave Alvarez

Dave Scarpitti

David James

David Mendel

Debra Armstrong

Debra Blanchard Knight

Delia Gosman

Dietz Ichishita

Doug Hogan

Doug Ninnemann

Doug Walker

Eden Sanders

Edward Schuerman

Eric Clark

Eric Wolford

Erik Lechtenberd

Filza Khan

Frederick Gardener

Source: Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021), Warner Bros. Entertainment

Gabrielle Hamilton

Greg Manwaring

Guerdon Trueblood

Heather Lee

Helen Michael

Imran J. Khan

Jake Vacek

Jan Naylor

Jane Cohen

Jared Beckstrand

Jarret Ballard

Jasminne Young

Jason Norton

Jason Plapp

Jayee Borcar

Jeff Biancalana

Jessica Mejia

Jim Kammerud

Joe Haidar

Joel Parod

John Dusenberry

John McDaniel

Jon McClenahan

Jose Ricardo Chucky Do Nasciamento

Jose Rovirosa

Josh Lierberman

Julie Lee

Kathy Cavaiola

Kelly Snyder

Kimberly Pan Huang

Kristen Murtha

Larry Leker

Laura Forst

Lawrence Gan

Leah Coleman

Leif Green

Lika Leong

Linden Johnson

Liza Dodson

Logan Knight

Marisa Thomas

Masa Oshiro

Matt Rampias

Matthew Kulewicz

Matthew Resta

Matthew Willames

Maureen O’Reilly

Maya Zapata

Michael Nahem

Michelle Kim

Source: Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021), Warner Bros. Entertainment

Mick DeFalco

Mike Smith

Mira Takamura

Moroni Taylor

Neal Sternecky

Nickolas Stevens

Noelle Raffaele

Noelleen Westcombe

Nora Earlie

Olivia Asis

Ovi Nedelcu

Ozzie Carmona

Randy Gaul

Ray Morales

Ray Nadeau

Robert Fletcher

Robert Sledge

Roy Sanuta

Rubén Procopio

Sahin Ersoz

Salvatore Valone

Samuel Michalp

Sandro Cluezo

Sarah Arakaki

Sergio Mancinelli

Shannon Dingle

Shant Sherian

Shawn Keller

Stan Seo

Stephen Nicodemus

Steve Fonti

Steve Gordon

Stuart Cripps

Stuart Lowder

Taha Neyestani

Terry Han

Tianyi Han

Todd Jacobsen

Tom Bancroft

Tony Bancroft

Tony Cervone

Tony Siruno

Trevor Tamboline

Vadmi Bazhanov

Veronica Rosser

Wes Sullivan

Will Bilton

Wynton Payne

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Source: Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021), Warner Bros. Entertainment

Warner Bros. failure to credit the film’s 2D animators was first brought to widespread attention on July 17th, when established Looney Tunes animator David Alvarez shockingly informed his Twitter followers, “Last night me and my family sat down to watch Space Jam. My kids were excited to see the movie that ‘dad help make’ only to find out that…my name was omitted from the final credits.”

Following this tweet, the hashtag #CreditDave soon began circulating across social media, as users across various platforms called on Warner Bros. to properly credit Alvarez, largely unaware that the studio’s failure to credit their animators extended past one localized incident.

Archive Link Source: Dave Alvarez Twitter

Unsurprisingly, though they outright paid no mind to their traditional 2D animators, Warner Bros. credited each of Space Jam: A New Legacy’s respective digital effects artists – a section of credits which runs for a lengthy total of :45 seconds during the film’s ending cards.

What do you make of Warner Bros.’ (frankly insulting) attempt to retroactively credit Space Jam: A New Legacy’s 2D animators? Let us know your thoughts on social media or in the comments down below!

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