A number of immature Genshin Impact players are attacking multiple other games not even developed by Genshin Impact developer miHoYo. 

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For those unfamiliar with Genshin Impact, it is an open-world action adventure game that allows players to take on the role of The Traveler as they explore the world of Teyvat.

The game is free-to-play on multiple platforms including mobile and PC. There are also PlayStation versions as well. A Nintendo Switch version is in development.

While the game is free-to-play, it does feature a gacha mechanic. This mechanic allows users to spend in game currency called Primogems on “wishes” that allow players to receive at random characters and equipment. Primogems can be earned in-game through various quests and events, but they can also be purchased through fiat currency such as dollars.

The game is also consistently updated with new content and events every single month. Currently, players can participate in the Moonchase Festival. 

Source: Genshin Impact

Along with the Moonchase Festival, miHoYo recently announced two anniversary events. The first is called Recording Your Anniversary Memories. The event allows players to fill in cards documenting their achievements in the game to receive Primogems.

They also announced “A Message In Time” web event that allows you to share a card with your friends to earn a variety of in-game rewards including Primogems.

Along with these anniversary events, they also announced the Special Program for Version 2.2 of the game where they will be previewing the content for the game’s next update.

Source: Genshin Impact

Despite this, Twitter user AkGoingPlaces reports a number of immature Genshin Impact players are going after miHoYo’s Honkai Impact 3rd, but they are also targeting Tears of Themis, and Arknights.

Source: AKGoingPlaces Twitter

The Twitter user would proceed to provide updates on the games these Genshin Impact fans decided to attack. In one update they included the newly released Pokemon Unite game.

Source: AKGoingPlaces Twitter

In the most recent update the user notes Genshin Impact players have targeted Clash of Clans, Cookie Run Kingdom, Punishing Gray Raven, Epic Seven, Fate: Grand Order and more.

Source: AKGoingPlaces Twitter

YouTuber HeroHei noted that some players have also targeted Azur Lane with user Andronic Vlad Stefan giving the game a 1 star and writing, “Fix Genshin anniversary rewards.”


HeroHei also confirmed that Fate: Grand Order was hit with user Ole Solsa giving the game a 1 star and writing, “Bad gacha no pity worse than genshin, mihoyo is trash no anniversary reward worst.”

Users are also targeting the Google Classroom app.

Yurio Chicken wrote, “genshin anniversary rewards suck and I’m here to make it everyones problem.”

Bewitching wrote, “Genshin’s making history.”

And user Jimmy West wrote, “Mihoyo give better rewards.”

Source: Google Classroom App

What do you make of these immature Genshin Impact players giving poor reviews to completely unrelated games and apps?

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