Hot on the heels of its cancellation, Naomi Markman, the script coordinator for Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop, recently took to Twitter to tease that audiences were “missing out” on a second season of the series, only to cry victim when met with criticism from fans who – having seen the results of the unsurprisingly awful first season – expressed extreme doubt in her claim.

Source: Cowboy Bebop Season 1 Episode 10 “Supernova Symphony” (2021), Netflix

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Markman’s turnabout came as part of a series of tweets made in lamentation of the abysmal live-action adaptation’s cancellation, which began on December 9th with her declaration, “not to rub it in your faces, but as the individual who has read the cowboy bebop s2 scripts more than anyone else in this world – f–k you’re missing out.”

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After facing a deluge of pushback from audiences, many of whom asked ‘If season two was to be so great, where was that supposed talent in season one?’, Markman asked the very same people she previously antagonized, “my dear troll friends, you do realize that literally hundreds of people lost their jobs today, right? jobs we loved and cared about?”

“We’re gonna be emotional,” she continued. “Also, most if not all of us found out today, with the public.”

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She further attempted to deflect, “just because you don’t like the food at a restaurant doesn’t mean you would celebrate when it closes down tf. you wouldn’t mock the waiters or chefs, I beg of you to touch some grass and give someone you love a hug.”

However, to address Markman’s own metaphor: If a restaurant promised to cook a customer a steak dinner in the way of the world’s finest culinary experts, then proceeded to instead serve a day-old hamburger patty covered in ketchup and insist that the customer was a bad person for not finding it just as good, if not better than, the steak, said customer would likely (and rightly) criticize the restaurant and warn others to not dine there – especially if the waiters and chefs showed nothing but disdain for both the customers and the food itself.

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“My entire life was turned upside down less than 12 hours ago along with hundreds of my dearest peers. Consider having a god damn ounce of compassion or empathy,” she added.

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Of course, Markman’s seeming inability to recognize why Cowboy Bebop was near-universally rejected by everyone comes as no surprise given how, previously, she revealed that a scene involving their disingenuously gender-swapped version of Gren, as played by non-binary actor Mason Alexander Park, was inspired by a commentary video made by transwoman and popular far-left YouTube commentator, Natalie “Contrapoints” Wynn.

According to the script coordinator, a scene in which Gren cringe-inducingly addresses guests at Ana’s jazz club, “Shonen, shojo, and all you dirty, dirty folks in between,” was a direct homage to a moment in one of Wynn’s videos, What’s Wrong with Capitalism (Part 2) [Timestamp: 16:00], in which the commentator jokes, “Glamour is very important to us. “The Ls, the Gs, the Bs, the Ts, and all those filthy, filthy Qs.”

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As aptly put by a fan in response to Markman’s above tweet revealing the connection between Gren and Wynn following the show’s cancellation, “this is why you don’t have a job anymore.”

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