At this point, it’s abundantly clear that Hollywood has gone to Hell in a handbasket, and there’s no real way to change its trajectory. Within a short space of time, the entire industry will collapse in on itself due to its own insistence on embracing radical Left identity politics. However, the self-immolation of Hollywood does expose the ugly flaw of Leftism’s world view.

Actress Thandie Newton, who recently decided (30+ years after the fact) to restore her original first name “Thandiwe” in perfect symmetry with the modern age of racial identity politics, decided to issue an apology to darker-skinned black females over the availability of particular Hollywood roles.

Source: Associated Press, Twitter

“I now realize that my internalized prejudice was stopping me from being like ‘I can play this role,’ when it’s precisely that prejudice I’ve received, doesn’t matter if it is from African-American women more than anyone else, doesn’t matter. I received prejudice…anyone who’s received <inaudible> prejudice feels this character.” Newton said.

“I’ve wanted so desperately to apologize every day to darker-skinned actresses, to say ‘I’m sorry that I’m the one chosen.’ My mama looks like you…” she continued, before breaking down into tears. 

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Newton expressed shame and guilt over the fact that she was chosen to play a character in the 2022 film God’s Country, which is based on the story Winter Light by James Lee Burke. The character was both race and gender-swapped, putting Newton in his shoes, which is ironic, given the original source material.

Source: God’s Country, Cold Iron Pictures

In short, another property hijacked and repurposed to spread divisive and inflammatory rhetoric about race relations in America. Indeed, even the Los Angeles Times referred to the film as “the perfect example of critical race theory.”

Side note – this same Left insists that critical race theory either does not exist, or has been dishonestly represented, depending on which cultural land mine they step on at any given moment.

Regardless, we’ve seen this before, and it’s only picking up steam as new crops of actors and actresses decide to jump on the “cry in front of a webcam for political clout and sympathy” routine, which is actually leading to more blowback and criticism…rightfully so. 

The Irony Of The Apology

What sets Thandiwe’s apology apart from the rest is the way in which it exposes the ugly underbelly of racism inside of Leftist politics. Being “white” or “lighter skinned” automatically means “oppressor” to these folks, leading to a sense of self-hatred, mixed with the opportunity to virtue signal for points.

Unfortunately, it lights a pile of wet TNT under the entire concept of race relations in the nation, encouraging more racism, as opposed to less. You see, Thandiwe Newton is biracial – her mother was Zimbabwean, and her father was a white Englishman. 

Source: God’s Country, Cold Iron Pictures

Now, under normal circumstances, this kind of interracial relationship would be celebrated under the cloak of traditional liberalism as a way of breaking down racial barriers, and of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Yet, it seems to be driving many people on the political Left to fits of self-hatred and excoriation, which is a complete contradiction in terms.

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In an age when the modern radical Left have re-instituted full-scale racial segregation in multiple avenues of public life, it’s astonishing to watch as those who consistently advocate for an end to racism end up being its largest pushers. Racial unity and harmony are no longer the goals, but rather, the opposite.

Hollywood is packaging and selling overt racism as a product right now, which makes no sense, given their stance on the subject. At what point did the belief systems of Martin Luther King Jr. and Steve Biko become so utterly offensive and unpalatable to the Left? When exactly did people born of interracial couples start feeling guilt and regret over such a union?

Source: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, NBC, DVD

This writer is old enough to remember a time when shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air specifically tackled the issue of biracial relationships as something to be celebrated, for the purpose of unification. Now, interracial relationships are looked at with scorn and contempt, all because children happen to be born a lighter shade of black.

It’s worth nothing that egregious white supremacists like Richard Spencer and David Duke would have nothing bad to say about Thandiwe Newton’s apparent guilt over the union of her mother and father. By casting interracial relationships in a negative light, Hollywood is actively discouraging people from simply loving whom they love, which will lead to more segregation and racial animosity.

So, which is it? Are interracial relationships and families a beautiful thing to be celebrated, or are they deserving of shame and personal guilt, because they violate a particular statute of intersectional identity politics? As always, the Left cannot have it both ways, so they’ll need to choose if they wish to scrounge together something resembling a consistent argumentative framework.

Hollywood’s Interracial Paradox

Over the last decade or so, Leftists in charge of mainstream culture, be it Hollywood, television, or even the advertising industry, have all decided that interracial relationships are the way to go. Almost every TV commercial now features an interracial couple, almost as if it has been mandated from the top down by the executives in charge.

Source: Get Out, Universal Pictures, Blu-Ray

On its face, the concept of an interracial relationship is perfectly fine, but the Left have decided to go overboard on the entire concept, to the point where it no longer represents real-world demographics. Just like every other facet of Leftist ideology, the push for this kind of thing ends up feeling artificial, forced, and preachy.

How ironic then, that Hollywood elites like Thandiwe Newton are now bawling their eyes out and apologizing profusely for it. Leftism is a walking contradiction on its best day, and this is just another example of how it warps the thoughts and feelings of normal people, twisting them for perverse ends.

We see the same problem play out inside the Left’s archaic and idiotic take on gender theory. On one hand, men and women are simply social constructs with no basis in biology. On the other hand, only women can understand pregnancy, which is why they alone should be allowed to slaughter children in the womb.

Source: Sky News Australia, YouTube

The same inconsistency plays out inside the transgender movement. Not a single trans person on the Left will answer the question about what constitutes a man or a woman, because it’s left to interpretation. However, they are the first to claim that they are either trans men, or trans women. How can this be, if they cannot define either?

And around we go, in one gigantic and very stupid circle. Hollywood’s insistence on making a mockery of itself is boundless at this point, but it does speak to a more insidious problem inside the cultural Left, writ large. 

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It’s always been fascinating to watch the Left lecture everyone on racial issues, while, according to those operating within Hollywood, discrimination seems to be the order of the day. We are told that people of color are constantly denied acting roles, and are either suppressed or blacklisted if they are rumored to be difficult to work with.

Source: Fresh Prince actress Janet Hubert talks about challenges black actresses face in Hollywood, HBO Max, Screenshot

However, it’s that same Left that is in charge of Hollywood, in the first place. It’s not a Conservative game, and indeed, if anyone comes out openly as Conservative in the industry, the chances of them retaining their job for more than a week are less probable than drinking razor blades and expecting no ill repercussions.

And herein lies the problem – as always, those with the most shade to throw at everyone else end up being the primary offenders.

Point The Finger, Three Point Back

Hollywood elites, whether they’re actors, directors or writers, all seem to be fully invested in the new age of ideological distortion that is modern Leftism. They’ve dedicated their very lives to pumping out propaganda material designed to shift the cultural discussion, and in turn, the direction of the country.

We’re constantly bombarded with stories about the evils of sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia…the list goes on. It feels like every single movie and TV show is designed as a philosophical ICBM carrying a propagandistic warhead, with the same amount of subtlety. 

Yet, Hollywood has forever been one of the most corrupt and morally bankrupt of America’s institutions, filled with irresponsible and evil people who are constantly being outed for their misdeeds and crimes. 

Whether it’s Harvey Weinstein, Roman Polanski, Joss Whedon, Kevin Spacey, Kathy Griffin or Tila Tequila, the largest pool of villains seem to be concentrated firmly within the establishment Left. The problem isn’t confined to Hollywood, either.

CNN, once dubbed “the most trusted name in news,” is now begging for scraps after a string of earth-shattering scandals involving its anchors, producers, and even its own President, which has tanked its reputation, and caused its ratings to nosedive.

Source: CNN, YouTube

In 2020 and 2021 alone, the network was forced to contend with analysts caught masturbating on Zoom calls, a sexual harassment and conflict of interest scandal involving Chris Cuomo, a producer running an abhorrent pedophile operation, and Jeff Zucker’s ethically shameful involvement with an incestuous media culture.

Yet, CNN still stands by its claim that it is not only a trusted name in news, but also a shimmering beacon of honesty, truth, morality and goodness within the halls of American culture. Also…pigs can fly, the sky is green, Hell froze over, and Joe Biden knows what State he’s currently in.

Why This Matters

American culture is suffering a high fever that needs to break, at some point. We are fighting off an ideological infection that has real ramifications for regular, everyday people. It’s perfectly fine to sit back and point the finger at the lunacy of Leftists like Thandiwe Newton, but her rhetoric has actual, palpable downstream cultural effects.

If the political Left are now openly shaming children born of interracial relationships, then we have indeed gone back to a pre-Civil Rights era, where segregation is king. The demographics that will suffer the most are, as always, people of color and minorities. That’s how this goes.

Source: Mission Impossible 2, Paramount, Blu-Ray

Perhaps someone should ask why Thandiwe Newton seems so willing to throw her own father, who is white, under the bus, all for the sake of netting applause from those within her own political echo chamber. Or better yet, why she accepted a role where her character was gender and race-swapped from an older white man, to a younger black woman, if not for “the cause.”

However, the most offensive part of Thandiwe Newton’s rant is what she did not say – that she would stop taking these roles, and instead give them to darker-skinned actresses. It’s considered “stunning and brave” to turn on the waterworks in front of a captive audience, but it’s rarely followed up with a promise to abandon said role…and the paycheck that comes with it.

Source: Associated Press, Twitter

The hypocrisy is both humorous, and incredibly irritating, but this is the lunatic asylum mentality of modern Hollywood. A Woke actress accepts a Woke role, only to apologize profusely in Woke fashion in front of a webcam for being too light-skinned for a role – despite the character originally being a white male. 

And with this latest story, the Left shatter yet another glass stupidity ceiling. Take solace in the fact that Thandiwe Newton just pulled the curtain back on Leftist-dominated Hollywood once again, proving that they are the true “systemic racists” in modern American culture.

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