Never underestimate the man known as Elon Musk, responsible for creating the world’s coolest electric vehicles, one-upping NASA on spacefaring technology, and making hilarious marionettes out of Congressional Democrats and far-Left Wokesters. It’s official – Twitter is now owned solely and completely by Elon Musk, and he’s taking it private.

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What does this mean for the culture wars? Quite a lot, as it turns out. In fact, this could be the deathblow that traditional liberals, conservatives and disenfranchised independents have been waiting for, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. 

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At the beginning of the year, I theorized in a previous Bounding Into Comics article that the culture wars would undergo a massive paradigm shift throughout 2022. It seems my predictions are coming true, and the Twitter buyout may end up being Thor’s proverbial axe aiming for the head, and striking a killing blow.

Quite frankly, it’s amazing that this day came to pass, especially since Musk’s original bid to take over Twitter was met with a poison pill strategy by the company’s board, which sought to play keep away for all the marbles. Undeterred, Musk soldiered on, upping the stakes in such a way that the board would have violated their fiduciary duty if they attempted another roadblock.

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This couldn’t have come at a more symbolic time, especially in light of all the crushing body blows and shiners the Left has taken in recent weeks, leaving them dazed and confused. Musk’s eye-watering buyout of Twitter is a poetic inverse mirror image of CNN+ and its spectacular (and costly) $300 million dollar collapse. 

It could also be said that Twitter’s tyrannical board brought this upon themselves, with anti-1st amendment radical CEO Parag Agrawal leading the entire group over the side of a cliff. It’s hard to imagine Musk wanting to keep Agrawal on board in any official capacity, which means he may soon have to find another platform to ply his ugly trade. 

Musk, for his part, has indicated that he’s ready to open up the doors to actual free speech and the sharing of ideas, as opposed to the Leftist stranglehold that permeated the platform for so many years, and had only gotten worse over time. He’s also been quick to get out in front of his detractors, many of whom are proclaiming doom and gloom over the takeover.

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One of the biggest concerns over Twitter’s Orwellian ideological infrastructure was the notion of a future where a major town hall platform worked hand-in-hand with establishment mainstream media outlets to control the flow of information. Indeed, this was looking more and more likely as dissenting voices were targeted and exorcised, while big outlets were propped up.

In many ways, it would have been a return to the decades of yore, where a handful of politically Left-leaning “news” outlets decided what made a good story, and what should be mothballed. In an age of hyper-partisan Leftist radicalism, this scenario was far more insidious and grim, extending far beyond just grasping for dollars.

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The media felt their control slip away with the rise of independent journalism, driven largely by the likes of individuals like Tim Pool, and competing outlets like The Daily Wire. The Left have been bleeding viewers like a throat wound for years, while alternative sources continue to surge in strength. 

We here at Bounding Into Comics have experienced continued growth and success, purely by offering a refreshing respite from the cultural orthodoxy of access media sites like Kotaku, ScreenRant, Polygon, and IGN. However, all of these outlets combined cannot match the reach potential of Twitter, and everyone knew it.

This buyout could single-handedly sound the victory trumpet for the anti-Woke coalition, for a number of reasons.


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If anyone else had purchased Twitter wholesale, it may not have made the news in the same way that it would with Elon Musk. The man is a cultural icon on so many fronts, bobbing and weaving his way through an intricate (and risky) political minefield. He routinely embarrasses dimwitted members of Congress like Elizabeth Warren, while making buffoons out of untrustworthy talking heads like Bill Gates.

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Love him or hate him, Musk will do what he wants, when he wants, and he doesn’t care who notices. To the radical Left, he’s become one of their greatest threats. To conservatives, he’s a renegade and a rock star who seems to be on their side, more often than not. To independents, he’s largely a cool cat who enshrined Plaid as an actual speed setting in Tesla vehicles.

Musk represents a voice championing for a return to normalcy, as opposed to the dystopian Hellscape crammed down by force from an intolerant, volatile, racist, and violent Leftist establishment. With Musk at the helm, he has indicated that there will be no more witch hunts and political favoritism. Those days are over.


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Facebook may have kicked off the whole social media craze, but Twitter was the company that turned it into a functioning soapbox. Political and social discourse became the primary uses of the platform, with Facebook relegated more towards businesses and advertising. Twitter was never profitable, but it did serve an important purpose.

To date, Twitter remains King, and that was always the point. Parler, Gettr, and Gab are all admirable alternatives that gave the disenfranchised a new home, but they would never be able to topple Twitter’s dominance. In order to change the culture, Musk needed to usurp and seize control of the biggest loudspeaker on the planet.

If Musk stays true to his word, and does away with nefarious practices like censorship, shadow-banning and de-platforming, it will become nearly unstoppable. The greatest threat to the Leftist establishment is freedom to express contrarian viewpoints without fear of being virtually decapitated. Their nightmare just came true, and the smell of fear is palpable from miles out.


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The cultural Left have had ample and valid reason to believe that their dominance was permanent, especially with so many wins in such a short space of time. However, this acquisition by Elon Musk has shown once and for all that their cultural hegemony is not etched in stone. Quite the contrary – they just lost their biggest platform.

Other corporations infected by the mind virus of Wokeism should be shaking in their collective shoes right now, knowing they might be next. If Musk can implement changes that actually make Twitter a profitable force for good, it will send shockwaves throughout the corporate world, and send a clear message.

Expect Google and Facebook to think twice before sledging people over the head with the Ban Hammer, especially as Twitter grows in strength. If Musk can show that profitability can be obtained without the moon falling out of the sky, and the rivers turning to blood, it could spark a revolution amongst their respective shareholders.

Source: Elon Musk’s Twitter page

Of course, none of this is certain at the moment. The news just broke today, but it’s foolish to think that Musk hasn’t already formulated a plan to roll out massive changes to Twitter’s internal infrastructure and operations. If that means that a handful of pink-haired, nose-ringed slacktivists squeal themselves out of a job, so much the better.

Regardless of what happens, this is a bright and beautiful day not just for conservative voices, but every single person around the globe who values the principles of free speech, as opposed to being under the thumb of a Woke fundamentalist oligarchy. To those upset about the buyout, we can only mirror their exact words – “It’s a private company. It can do what it wants.”

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The Twitter buyout proved a lot of things true, including the resilient nature of capitalism, and how it’s tied directly to the desire for freedom to say, do, and think what we want, without fear of reprisal. Tyrannical dictatorships hate capitalism for this very reason, and when they try to ride on its back to achieve their goals, it rarely works the way they intended.

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Just ask Disney, Gillette, Coca-Cola, the NBA, or any major Hollywood studio who have championed a socialist (and at times, overtly Communist) cause. They had nothing to say when Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post, which is why their poo-pooing over Musk’s Twitter acquisition is currently falling on uninterested ears.

This is a day to celebrate, and look forward to a new beginning. How ironic that it would come from one of the most universally-loathed social media platforms of all time. Perhaps this is Elon Musk wiping the slate clean, and establishing Twitter’s presence for the purpose it was originally intended to be. 

In closing, this writer leaves you, dear reader, with the timeless and all-too-fitting words of master contrarian Christopher Hitchens, who once remarked, “My own opinion is enough for me, and I claim the right to have it defended against any consensus, any majority, anywhere, any place, any time. And anyone who disagrees with this can pick a number, get in line, and kiss my ass!”

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