On June 11, Variety reported that Netflix’s new movie Interceptor is the top film on the streaming service. In discussing the plot, the author of the post, Marc Malkin, described the movie as addressing a plethora of “issues,” one of which is “right wing conspiracy theories.”

Interceptor is a Netflix original. The trailer is laughably bad, but according to Variety, it “climbed to No. 1 on the streamer’s top 10 list with about 50 million hours viewed.”

Source: Interceptor, Netflix

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In talking about the success of the movie, Malkin also provides a few details about it, at one point writing about how it “touches on a variety of hot button issues,” such as the #MeToo movement, “Russian aggression, xenophobia, and right wing conspiracy theories.”

In addition, it features a white male military veteran who just happens to be a villain, and a “birthing person” as President. All in all, it sounds like a plot created by a CNN anchor. It’s just a shame the filmmakers couldn’t have crammed in even more “hot button issues.” By the way, isn’t portraying Russians as the bad guys “xenophobic?”

Source: Interceptor, Netflix

And while Malkin doesn’t review the movie, and doesn’t say whether or not he thinks it’s a good film, he does write that “[t]he dialogue is peppered with unforgettable one-liners, including a soldier (Meyen Mehta) quipping to the bad guy (Luke Bracey), “I’ve seen you in the shower. I could see why you’re obsessed with missiles.’”

I mean, I guess you could call such a line “unforgettable,” as in it’s so weird that you’ll never forget how bad the line is. Maybe that’s what Malkin means, who knows?

Again, the trailer alone makes it seem like it’s a sub-B-list film.

Malkin discussing the film makes it seem somehow even worse. For instance, he writes that “[Elsa] Pataky’s character’s military career is stalled when a five-star general is discharged after she accuses him of sexual misconduct.”

A five-star general? Really? Omar Bradley was America’s last five-star general, and he died in 1981. Did the filmmakers really make the bizarre decision to throw a five-star into a 2022 plot, or is that just a typo in the Variety post?

Source: Interceptor, Netflix

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Back to the “hot button issues.” If the movie actually does include elements about the #MeToo movement, as well as Russian aggression, xenophobia, and right wing conspiracy theories, then it should surprise exactly no one. After all, Hollywood isn’t even attempting to hide what it is, what it believes, who it supports, and who it doesn’t support any longer.

In all fairness, it’s hard to blame the people who run Tinseltown for openly showing their contempt for at least half of the American population. If people are willing to shower their hard-earned money on entertainment that insults them, then why shouldn’t Hollywood just keep ratcheting up its contempt for its audience?

Source: Interceptor, Netflix

More stories set in the Interceptor universe might be on the way. According to Variety, the movie’s director, Matthew Reilly, says the sequel is “already written,” and “Netflix likes it.” Still, it’s not all great news for the film. As of this writing, it has a 4.4/10 rating on IMDB.

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