Black Adam didn’t perform as he hoped it would and jockeying for greater power at DC on the Warner studio side failed. But Dwayne Johnson wouldn’t sue them or James Gunn, the new man in charge, would he? A report going around social media and certain Facebook groups says so, adding Johnson still wants to bring back the Snyderverse.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Black Adam in Black Adam (2022), Warner Bros. Pictures

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Like the storied Man In Black rising from his slumber with revenge on his mind, Johnson is mad, the story says, about the way he was forced out and how Henry Cavill was treated. So he’s going to take legal action. If that story sounds suspect and incredible – in the purest sense – that’s because there’s a high probability it is.

The claims have trended on social media but no mainstream or reputable outlet has reported on them so far. YouTube channel Comic Book Cast rectified that and not only covered the story, but they also brought a perspective that’s bringing everyone back down to reality. Far from simply questioning the validity, CBC got the shovel – and not just to dig deeper.

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This is one they don’t believe and don’t seem too concerned about, other than to write it off as an “absolutely stupid” rumor rooted in bad journalism. Studios are worth millions if not billions, though they are mired in debt, and they have the ear of the government, CBC explains. They are prepared for this kind of thing and have contingencies.

When they formulate their contracts with talent, they usually sign them for one movie and give them an option. If the actor wants to continue playing their designated character when the film is a success, they can say yes or refuse. To use Marvel as an example, CBC discussed Hugo Weaving playing The Red Skull in the MCU until Ross Marquand took over.

Hugo Weaving plays Red Skull one time in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), Disney Plus

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Weaving was a star and the main villain of Captain America: The First Avenger but opted not to return for Avengers: Infinity War or Endgame as there was no guarantee clause. “The basic knowledge of contractual structures in these films would tell you all you need to know,” CBC says. “The studio always comes out on top.”

Over at DC Films, Michael Keaton had a guarantee to reprise Batman in five appearances – The Flash, Batgirl, and reportedly Batman Beyond. He, however, got bought out and only has The Flash to look forward to at the moment. Johnson probably had a deal similar to either Keaton or Weaving and suing Warner/DC is the last thing he should consider.

Batman (Michael Keaton) utters his classic ‘I am Batman’ line in The Flash (2023) via Warner Bros. Pictures

He likely wants to avoid burning a bridge when getting work is easier than wrestling billion-dollar IPs and a large chunk of change away from the studio system. Should Johnson proceed in civil court, CBC predicts The Rock will trigger “the biggest bloodbath” Hollywood has ever seen. Turning the XFL into a money-making endeavor is more worthwhile.

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