James Gunn’s plan for his revamp of the DCEU into the DCU for Warner Discovery needs to unfold first to become more apparent, no question. Still, we already know he’s plotting a shared universe that will connect across movies, shows, live-action, gaming, and animation. Dubbed “Gods and Monsters,” it’s believed the inchoate interweaving narrative will culminate in a fashion like the MCU.

James Gunn via DC YouTube

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That is the prevailing wisdom, anyway. Gunn knows the playbook but logical conclusions can change. For now, we know this: a key piece of the puzzle for Marvel was the mega-threat of Thanos that challenged the world and the entire universe. Based on January’s slate announcement, the DCU has a similar scenario lined up, but we don’t know who or what is filling the Mad Titan void.

Darkseid is the typical go-to for that sort of thing. The Anti-Monitor and Eclipso have brought DC’s heroes, and existence, to their knees as well. Starro has at times too but he was already taken down in The Suicide Squad and it doesn’t appear Gunn is returning to that well if recent speculation can be believed.

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YouTube’s self-identified non-scooper Warstu, in what amounts to a scoop, says that Gunn intends to go in a different direction that’s not too far off the beaten path. Based on a tease the filmmaker made on social media, it’s likely he will take inspiration from the DC/Justice League arc The New Frontier, and moreover, pluck the run’s final boss from obscurity.

Written by Darwyn Cooke and turned into an animated feature, the Cold War-era tale went in a few different directions to bridge the gap between the Golden and Silver Ages on the page. However, the movie took greater pains to make a primordial menace known as The Centre and its vendetta against mankind a more singular focus.

Screenshot - The Centre - New Frontier

The villain at The Centre of it all in Justice League: The New Frontier (2007)

“OP” as can be, The Centre exists in one form as a Dinosaur Island in the Pacific Ocean that stood back and watched the world change through the Ice Age and the evolution of mankind. Abhorring man’s tendency to wage war, The Centre decides to act and tries to eradicate all human life which isn’t okay with the normal and meta among them.

Green Lantern comes to Earth to investigate the disturbances and clues leading back to the entity and, as Gunn has teased the HBO Max buddy-cop series Lanterns will revolve around a mystery that has broad implications, it seems like this subplot will play out with The Centre, well, at the center of things. Additionally, Swamp Thing will supposedly sense something afoot in his next movie.

Screenshot - New Frontier Lanterns

Green Lantern flies in Justice League: The New Frontier (2007)

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Everything will allegedly lead to a “mega-event” in which The Centre is finally dealt with. Gunn may have let on this is the plan a few weeks back when he re-shared a photo of a New Frontier hardcover taken by comedian Paul Scheer. “After [James Gunn’s] big [DC] announcement something tells me maybe it’s a good time to revisit this…” Scheer captioned his Instagram story.

Warstu isn’t encouraged by a replay of an Endgame crossover when Marvel and Zack Snyder did their own not too long ago, and doesn’t believe Gunn can pull it off. He may not have to. This is just a rumor until the DCU gets going, and even then, it’s only one direction the new universe can go.

DC Gunn Frontier

Story from James Gunn and Paul Scheer’s Instagram

Do you like this idea as a direction for the DCU? Let us know your thoughts below.

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