The Mandalorian is one of the worst shows currently airing, and it’s gotten so bad it’s actually one-upping Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi and specifically that film’s inclusion of the Holdo maneuver.

(L-R): Mon Calamari Nobleman [Harry Holland (voice); David St. Pierre (performance artist)] and Quarren Captain [Christine Adams (voice); Joanna Bennett (performance artist)] in Lucasfilm’s THE MANDALORIAN, season three, exclusively on Disney+. ©2023 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.

If you are unfamiliar with Holdo maneuver, Admiral Holdo takes control of the Resistance’s flagship cruiser, the Raddus, after evacuating the crew. She then turns the Raddus 180 degrees to face Snoke’s that have been pursuing her and the rest of the Resistance head on.

After turning the ship, Holdo jumps the ship into hyperspace and then seemingly quickly exits out of hyperspace to make direct contact with Snoke’s flagship. The impact slices Snoke’s ship, the Supremacy, and destroys a number of other First Order ships that had been in its wake. Holdo’s cruiser is completely destroyed.

The aftermath of the Holdo maneuver in The Last Jedi (2017), Lucasfilm

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The maneuver completely undercut previous Star Wars naval battles including Luke Skywalker’s attack on the Death Star, Lando Calrissian’s attack on the second Death Star, and the numerous naval battles during the Clone Wars as shown in the prequel trilogy.

If one can destroy an entire fleet with a single hyperspace ramming attack, it’s hard to imagine the Separatists ever losing to the Republic and the Galactic Empire given their deployment of droids that could easily deploy such a tactic.

The Death Stars would not be the real threats they were if the Rebel Alliance only needed to attack it with a hyperspace ramming maneuver.

Luke Skywalker is hunted by Darth Vader during his attack run on the Death Star in Star Wars (1977), Lucasfilm

Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, director Bryce Dallas Howard, and the rest of the Lucasfilm team working on The Mandalorian decided to one-up the universe-breaking tactic of the Holdo maneuver in the most recent episode of the show.

In Chapter 22 “Guns For Hire,” Bo-Katan Kryze arrives on the planet Plazir-15, where the Mandalorian forces that were previously under her command have relocated. As she plans to land her ship near the Mandalorian forces, her ship is automatically taken over by some kind of computer system deployed by the planet’s residents.

The ship is forcibly redirected to a landing dock with Bo-Katan stating, “They’ve taken control of the ship. I guess we’re going for a ride.”

Bo-Katan Kryze’s ship forcibly taken via a remote computer system by the denizens of Plazir-15 in The Mandalorian (2023), Lucasfilm

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Like with the Holdo maneuver, this new technology completely undercuts pivotal moments from Star Wars. One needs only to think about the opening scene of the original Star Wars to realize how utterly ridiculous and stupid this new technology is. If the Empire had access to the technology that an Outer Rim planet deploys why would they not use it against Princess Leia’s ship when they first chased her down as she attempted to escape with the Death Star plans.

If this technology was available, why didn’t the Empire just use it to take control of Luke Skywalker’s X-wing when he made his attack run on the Death Star? Why didn’t Imperial forces use the technology to take control of the Millennium Falcon as it fled from them after escaping from Hoth?

The Millennium Falcon flees an Imperial Star Destroyer in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980), Lucasfilm

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This is universe-breaking technology that surpasses the stupidity of the Holdo maneuver that was included in The Last Jedi.

 Not only is the inclusion of this technology utterly stupid, but it is another piece of evidence, in a growing pile, that Jon Favreau should remove himself from The Mandalorian and Star Wars at-large. He is not fit to helm this property and give it the respect it deserves.

Favreau recently admitted the buck stops with him. He told Esquire Middle East, “I take full responsibility for everything people like or don’t like in this show. There’s no outside pressure on me from the studio, Lucasfilm, Disney, anyone.”

It’s time for him to actually take responsibility and step down. 

Jon Favreau attends the ‘London mural – inspired by the Star Wars series The Mandalorian’, to celebrate the launch of The Mandalorian S3, on February 23, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by for Disney)

What do you make of this new universe-breaking technology that allows people to remotely take over ships?

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