Following the recent announcement that Warner Bros. Discovery will be producing a new and “faithful” television adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, fans everywhere rejoiced at the possibility of seeing the boy wizard’s full story recounted on the small screen.

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After all, for decades, the series has been a gateway for many into the magical world of reading. And while the cinematic interpretations of Rowling’s story were enjoyable and well-produced, they barely scratched the surface of the Wizarding World.

The boy wizard himself appears on Mary GrandPré's cover to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (1997), Scholastic.

The boy wizard himself appears on Mary GrandPré’s cover to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (1997), Scholastic.

But just like with Hogwarts Legacy, transgender activists did not share the same sentiment as actual Harry Potter fans.

As soon as WBD announced that the upcoming Rowling-produced Max series was in production, the activists called for a mass boycott of the upcoming “transphobic series”.

J.K. Rowling talks about her new children's book, The Christmas Pig

J.K. Rowling talks about her new children’s book, The Christmas Pig

“Just a friendly reminder that JK Rowling is basically the leader of the trans genocide campaignm” declared @lokiwhoreera. “But sure, enjoy your precious harry potter at the expense of trans lives….. thanks HBO Max for showing your true fucking colours…..”

HP boycott

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“I really hope people actually boycott @hbomax over this stupid fucking Harry Potter show,” @quinnnoa_ claimed. “No one asked for that. And we sure as f–k don’t want to give that terf JK Rowling any more money. Cancel your account and give that money to a trans org instead.”

hp boycott

@quinnnoa_ via Twitter

“And for those of you that don’t see why this is an issue or don’t want to miss your shows that are currently on there – f–k you, too,” they added.

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@quinnnoa_ via Twitter


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True to form, some even accused anyone who would engage with the series – either as a viewer, a crew member, or an actor in its cast – of automatically supporting Rowling’s views.

“JK Rowling is an Exec Producer, she will directly benefit,”@KevDGrussing proclaimed. “[If] You support [the] right of Trans people to exist, you do not touch this. Period.”

HP Trans Rights

@KevDGrussing via Twitter

“This. JKR is a transphobe who’s actively making people’s lives worse and is proud of doing so,” @veearrell stated. “If you’re a cast or crew member on this show, you’re guilty. Period. Even the kids. No exceptions and no mercy should be shown.”

hp trans

@veearrell via Twitter

“Those who will play in the new Harry Potter series working with JK Rowling will be making a choice.” feminist author  @burcin_ttk threatened. the future cast “A stand against trans people all over the world.”

hp trans threat

@burcin_ttk via Twitter

Others, like NerdSync contributor @ScottNiswander, took things a step further and encouraged their fellow activists, “If you know someone who is excited about this, now’s the perfect time to stop knowing them”.

HP trans

@ScottNiswander via Twitter

Many activists even took to spreading the false conspiracy theory that the series was only being rebooted so that Rowling could replace the previous films’ trio of ‘core actors’ – Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, all of whom have voiced opinions on transgender individuals contrary to the author’s – in the cultural zeitgeist with actors who held her same beliefs.

“Lets get a timeline here,” @cooleriwilnever broke down the reasoning for the ongoing theory. “1. Daniel Radcliffe starts working with the Trevor Project to let trans stories be heard 2. Rowling enters the talks for a Harry Potter reboot What’s on the screen is an attempt to distance Harry from Daniel Radcliffe because he supports trans rights”

hp theory

@cooleriwilnever via Twitter

@corytuggle speculated, “So, like. The only reason we’re getting a Harry Potter reboot is so JKR can try to find a Golden Trio that agrees with her transphobic views instead of constantly affirming that we should be protecting Trans Lives.”  “like those pesky, ungrateful three from the films, yeah?”

hp theory 2

@corytuggle via Twitter

“All because the stars of Harry Potter don’t hate all trans people,” @HairyCooIII claimed. “JKR has thrown a tantrum and demanded a remake with actors that share her trans hate.  This will be a poisoned chalice for any actors in it – they will forever be seen as transphobic.”

hp trans theory

@HairyCooIII via Twitter

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