The era of top-down studio interference could be over at Warner Bros. under the new management that includes co-chairs James Gunn and Peter Safran at the DC Studio level. In a departure from the fickle corporate aggravations that plagued Zack Snyder’s time there, Gunn hinted that his division will have greater autonomy than before, which is a promising development.

Kal-El (Henry Cavill) has a rematch with Batman (Benn Affleck) in Justice League (2017), Warner Bros. Pictures

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When fielding the latest round of pointed questions on Twitter, Gunn declared there won’t be a lot of notes or suggestions – or interference, one would think – from WB given that DC is a separate entity. “WB wouldn’t be giving notes on a DC Studios production. Since we came on board, we’re two separate entities within WBD,” he said.

Gunn will report to someone at the top of the food chain – that being WBD CEO David Zaslav – so he and Safran aren’t running totally wild and free. However, had the circumstances they’re working under been there for Snyder, the situations with Justice League, The Snyder Cut, Henry Cavill, and the whole DCEU may not have unfolded the way they did.

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Snyder got to release his version of the Justice League to streaming, but any motion to capitalize on that with more movies set in the Snyderverse is stalled. With no return to Superman in the cards, Cavill won’t get his happy ending either. Gunn is moving on and his plans for the next Man of Steel are in full swing.

Superman: Legacy is officially in pre-production and the search is on for the next Clark Kent. Names like Logan Lerman have been thrown out there as if they were given the role and Gunn is just waiting to announce that, but he says that’s not the case in a tweet. “It is not,” he responded to an assumption made by an inquiring user that he would announce who would play Superman by the end of April.

James Gunn Twitter

Some outlets suggest we might know who takes over for Henry Cavill by July but any reports, including of that minuscule and hypothetical variety, should be taken with a grain of salt. The script on the other hand is complete and Gunn is clear about that. In fact, he turned in his final draft before the latest writers’ strike took hold.

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