Rumored ‘Superman’ Plot Leak Teases A “Bizarro” From Another Earth And An Optimistic Man Of Steel Who Is An Outcast To “Edgy” Heroes That Kill

2-Bizarro not sure
Bizarro (Tim Daly) tells Lois (Dana Delaney) his life story over dinner in Superman: The Animated Series season 2 episode 6, "Identity Crisis" (1998), Warner Bros. Animation

The plot of Superman is unknown officially except for what director James Gunn has teased, but the Internet is undeterred about deciphering what it can from him, the leaked set photos, and things alleged already – erroneous or not.

Superman (1)
Kal-El (Henry Cavill) exits the Fortress of Solitude wearing his iconic Superman suit in Man of Steel (2013), Warner Bros. Pictures

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This determination has led to a new plot leak mentioning elements many continue to suspect. Originating from GeekyCast on YouTube and passed along by the Rejected Scooper on X, the short plot breakdown sums up what they’ve heard, and what we could see theoretically.

It begins by defining what the film’s initial title meant by “Legacy” vis-a-vis how Superman goes back to his roots and stands out against modern heroes.

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“Other superheroes are edgy and kill when necessary. Superman is an outcast among them for his optimism and no-kill rule, and ultimately inspires them to change their ways,” says Rejected Scooper’s post.

It’s added that Lex Luthor is up to no good and his misdeeds do involve a rumored Middle East nation or conflict. “Lex Luthor is war profiteering on an armed conflict in a foreign nation (called ‘Jarhanpuria’ per IMDB).”

Lex end credits Justice League
Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) makes an offer to form a League with Slade Wilson (Joe Manganiello) in Justice League (2017), Warner Bros. Pictures

Gunn denied there was a Mideastern conflict in his script despite the controversy with Egyptian comedian and host Bassem Youssef claiming he was up for a part.

A cryptic IMDB credit for an individual named Fahim Fazli who plays “Jarhanpurian Villager #1 Leader” further adds to the mystery, though it is not much to go on.

Jarhanpurians exist in the DC Multiverse, but they are a race of aliens known for appearing in the Arrowverse. If Gunn draws inspiration from them, he may only be borrowing the name, and according to the leak, he doesn’t stop there.

Bassem Youssef-Mark Twian Prize
Bassem Youssef on Jon Stewart | 2022 Mark Twain Prize, The Kennedy Center, YouTube

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The name Ultraman also comes up, hinting at Supes’s evil doppelganger from another Earth and not a Japanese Tokusatsu hero, and it’s juxtaposed with the name of another evil double – Bizarro.

“Superman intervenes in the conflict, and the U.S. government deploys a clone created by Luthor dubbed ‘Ultraman’ to arrest him. Ultraman deteriorates into Bizarro and goes rogue,” says the post.

This passage coheres with some of the Cleveland set photos that show a soldier in a dark full-body costume with the DC Ultraman’s U-shaped logo on his chest. Beyond these anecdotal details, not much is known about who this character is.

The leak attempts to explain that and how the supporting DC characters fit, especially Lois. It continues, “Superman and his superfriends must stop him while Lois Lane and the Daily Planet staff work to expose Luthor for his crimes.”

“Movie reportedly ends with Superman revealing his secret identity to Lois, Luthor avoiding repercussions for his crimes and announcing he is running for President, and Supergirl arriving on Earth, plus other DCU setups like the Engineer getting recruited into the Authority,” RS wrote.

The above leak is receiving some positive reactions on X, but like all other alleged plot synopsis and spoilers, it’s apocryphal until further notice.

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