5 Best Anime On Amazon Prime

best anime on amazon prime
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Many people love Anime and via streaming services like Amazon Prime, that audience is always growing:

As a member of Amazon Prime, you have access to a massive anime library, making it one of the best places to watch the genre.

The following 5 picks are the 5 Best Anime on Amazon Prime right now:

5. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender is undoubtedly the best anime for newcomers:

The show is about Aang’s 100-year imprisonment in ice and reintroduction to a world ruled by the Fire Nation.

Along with friends, Ang looks to put an end to the Fire Nation’s wrongdoings.

Despite its brief three seasons, the show received widespread appreciation for its excellent narrative, and its spiritual sequel, The Legend of Korra, is also available on Amazon Prime Video (if you have a Paramount Plus subscription).

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4. Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga takes on a historical setting rarely shown in anime: the Vikings.

Vinland Saga takes place in the 11th century when the Danish ruled England.

The first season of Vinland Saga is primarily driven by Thorfinn’s desire for vengeance against Askeladd, a quest that leads the former to join the latter’s band.

Vinland Saga is a fascinating and surprising show that combines political intrigue with uncertain character development.

3. Re: Creators

Re: Creators premiered on Amazon Prime in the Summer of 2017 and was streamed exclusively on the platform.

Troyca developed it, an animation firm started in 2013 by Toshiyuki Nagano, a former AIC Classic producer. It was originally a web series before being adapted into a manga.

Souta Mizushino is a high school senior who aspires to write a light novel. He is abruptly drawn into his computer and transported to the anime’s universe while viewing the mecha anime Elemental Symphony of Vagelchevalier for inspiration.

However, the figures accompany him when he returns to the actual world. Together with Selesia, another anime character, Souta must track down the remaining characters and prevent Altair from destroying the actual world.

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2. Dororo

A corrupt samurai lord strikes a deal with demons to help his land prosper, but he must offer the demons his newborn son’s organs in exchange.

Hyakkimaru, who is missing most of his important body parts, is abandoned and fostered by a local doctor who provides him with prosthetics.

Hyakkimaru swears to recover his body piece by piece by taking out demons and eventually confronting his father.

Dororo is an epic tale based on the 1967 manga by the great Osamu Tezuka. It recounts the journey of an orphan youngster and an unorthodox swordsman as they battle demons.

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1. Inuyashiki: The Last Hero

Inuyashiki is, without a doubt, one of the best anime to come out in recent years. Its storytelling is on a par with the best of American serialized television. It is simply that good.

It begins with the type of story that quickly grabs your attention and informs you that you’re witnessing something unique:

Inuyashiki is an elderly guy whose family despises him and is oblivious to his existence. he takes a stroll in the park when an alien explosion shakes the area,

When Inuyashiki regains consciousness, he becomes a super-powered robot with insane skills. He uses these new abilities to aid those in need and even discovers that he can heal and resurrect people.

Amazingly, a movie version of this show is available. Watch the trailer here.

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