5 Comic Book Superhero Villains That Started As Nerds

Credit: Marvel, Disney, whatculture.com

In the silver age of comics, there was an emerging debate over whether comic books depicting criminal activities inspired children to commit crimes. This debate gave way to Superheroes that used science to save the world, for example, The Fantastic Four.

On the other side, it also resulted in the emergence of supervillains born out of science labs, turning nerds into superhero villains. Following are five comic book nerds that became top superhero villains:

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1. The Riddler

Credit: DC Comics via whatculture.com

2. Poison Ivy

Credit: DCuniverse.com

3. Aldrich Killian

Credit: Marvel, Disney, whatculture.com

4. Electro

Credit: Marvel.com

5. Harley Quinn

Credit: DC Comics
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